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at Newark element Buy your MOVDK from an authorized BOURNS distributor. Technical Datasheet: MOVDK Datasheet. See all Technical . 10DK Varistor SPECIFICATIONS. PRODUCT TYPE MODEL CITATION REVISION TOTAL PAGES RELEASED DATE. NO. ITEM Main Material Coating. MOV Datasheet. This MOV is suitable for V AC line protection in a typical electronic devices against voltage surges and spikes, such as those generated by.

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10DK Datasheet(PDF) – Ceramate Technical

Their resistance decreases when the voltage increases. Applications n power supplies n power systems n line voltage n telecom systems n white goods appliances mov14dxxxk series metal oxide varistor rohs directive ec jan.

CNR series zinc oxide varistor are nonlinear resistors, consisting vatasheet of zinc oxide and several kinds of metal oxide additive. P Pictch of Componet.

W 2 Hold Down Tape Position. The word is composed of parts of the words variable datashdet. If some of the items you received arent of perfect quality, we would resiponsibly arrange your refund or replacement. You may continue using basic buying services on our trading platform as a trial member.


D 0 Feed Hole Diameter.

MOV-10D471K Datasheet PDF

P 2 Hole Center to Component Center. Device Ratings and Characteristics. F Lead to Lead Distance. P 1 Feed Hole Center to Lead. P 0 Feed Hole Pitch. Features n high voltage rating n high current rating n bidirectional n surge protection n fast response dataseet n rohs compliant n agency listing.

They are bilateral and symmetrical V-I characteristics curve and. CNRDK 11 14 H 0 Datasheet Plane Height. Hel 10dk varistor, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, datasheet, circuit, parts.

We doesnt provide all kinds of zinc oxide products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Varistor or voltage dependent resistor vdr resistor guide.

Explanation of Part Numbers.

E ML File No. Electronic component parts distributor, order online, sameday shipping, no minimum order. California phone toll free fax H 1 Component Height. Test Current Energy Peak Current.

Offer 10dk hel, 10d4, 10d from hong kong inventory. Circuit, arduino it offers a large 1d0471k of data sheet, you can free pdf files download. Varistors for use in.


Hel 10d471k datasheet pdf

Datasheet h series list 0 pages datasheet meta search. W 0 Hold Down Tape Width. Ceramate varistor,alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and. Varistor are voltage dependent, nonlinear device which have an. Height from Tape Center to.

CNR series zinc oxide varistor are nonlinear resistors, consisting. Clamping Voltage Maximum Maximum.

By submitting your order you agree to these terms and conditions. L Leagth of Clipped Lead. They are bilateral and symmetrical V-I characteristics curve and unparalleled large peak current capability are used for absorption of transient voltage, suppression of pulse noise and circuit voltage stabilization.

UL 2nd Edition. Hongzhi enterprises, hel 7dk pdf hel 7dk pdf varistor. The resistance of a varistor is variable and depends on the voltage applied. W 1 Hole Position.