Star Cruiser is a game of starship combat in the 24th century. It can be used as an addition to GDW’s RPG Traveller: or as a stand alone boardgame. Earle Durboraw’s AD–Earthspace, Peter Engebos T’Sarith’s Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was. Traveller Kennedy WIP IIIn “Traveller “. AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IIIn “Traveller “. AD out soon and.

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I played around with a couple of things but eventually settled on converting the drones to Probes with the rule alterations that I have posted elsewhere. These aliens are mainly speculation on how a sentient being would result from a certain evolutionary stsr.

Also printed on the map are the three prinicpal trade routes of human space.

Frank ChadwickTimothy B. The “wonder-tech” of space opera is deliberately absent, with the notable exception of faster-than-light travel.

The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a treatise on Kafer language, including a pronunciation guide, a short vocabulary, and samples of Kafer ideographs. The game has absolutely no relation to Traveller, except that they ceuiser both developed by GDW. A rich and coveted pocket of stars lies a mere light-years away.

The Kafers were first encountered at Arcturus, and then their invasion fleet and invading armies struck Aurore. Perhaps one of the best alien species ever created for an RPG, the Kafers are truly alien, with a unique physiology, psychology and society.

The conquest of the stars has just begun. First off, I had originally 2300ad every fighter as a standard ship and then placed them into groups of 4 to essentially make a flotilla. The underground complex is mapped and detailed herein, and includes the Fleur-de-Lys nightclub and also the AmeriCo factory level.

2300 AD Star Cruiser & Ships of the French Arm – GDW

It’s that kind of mindset I would like to recreate in an Iron Stars reboot. Brewmiester 7 January at No one knew when the enemy might attack again. Now he was an outcast, without a family or a home, his honor tainted by accusations of cowardice and murder.

  ASTM C1580 PDF

Why do I need ccruiser login to see this item? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overall, the technological level of AD is not significantly more cruiseg than that of late 20th century industrial society.

Smugglers transport alien products to other worlds, thoughtless of sar effects. I may make this as the first of a series of “look back” articles discussing games that are not the “new hotness” or mainstream.

Now, as the 24th century dawns on the human race, Commander Leopold Schmidt and his international crew of brave explorers: With these rules, a character can purchase a deck, tinker with its capabilities, and buy software programs to back him up on his runs into cyberspace. Location, spectral type, syar and magnitude are documented in a separate star catalog.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. No registered users and 0 guests. Early inKafer ships etar into the Eta Bootis system and, driving away the human space fleet, began an attack on the Eta Bootian colony world Aurore. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Druiser equipment chapter is copiously illustrated with some illustrations in full color. Originally designed for simple escort and anti-piracy patrol duty along the American Arm, the class was immediately conscripted into wartime service at the outbreak of the Kafer war.

As the introduction states: In a French exploratory squadron discovered a garden world in the Beta Canum Venaticorum system.

Then came Earth’s War of German Reunification. Lesser routes leading off the arms are called “Fingers”. I agree Paul they were not available at the time I was planning this, TW in particular would have been a very nice fit! Aurore Sourcebook contains background information on Aurore, allowing the Traveller: SmithMarc W.

The players can be introduced to Kafer artifacts, which range from hand tools and small arms up to the Sigma -class starship.


Now Jean-Francois is dead, a victim of forgetting Lesson 2: I had no problem with the 2300ax of ship building etc – I quite liked that aspect.

Human space forces reentered the system with reinforcement from nations cooperating in the attack, and bythe alien fleet was driven back. Confront the challenges of the AD universe aboard your Virginia-class starship. The greatest number of Brazilian ships can be found at the core, to be a strong presence should hostilities begin.

AD/Starcruiser AD Fleets for Nova –

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Originally, the game was conceived as a replacement for Travellerapproaching the same space-adventure theme with more contemporary influences instead of s xruiser s Space Opera and more rigorous rules design. The heart of Traveller: Argentina relies on its close alliance with Mexico to bolster its combat fleet in the event of open hostilities. Reading through the ship design rules gave me a mild migraine. Pictured on the box cover are two Kennedy -class cruisers.

Delta Vector: AD Star Cruiser – Design Philosophy Done Right (Restrospective Series)

The fact that Aurore is actually a large [tidally-locked] satellite of a superjovian gas giant [brown dwarf] has created extremes of climate and surface conditions which present players with unique and interesting problems. I’ve discussed the importance of having a strong design philosophy – what do you want your game to play like?

An excellent idea, with hit-and-miss execution. France built their colony a beanstalk. This boxed set GDW, includes: Location, spectral type, size, and magnitude are documented in a 2300zd catalog The entire orbital mining station is mapped and described in detail, down to personnel and equipment.