4790.2B CHAPTER 10 PDF

Study Flashcards On COMNAVAIRFORINST B CHAPTER 10, 5, 6, 7 review at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. COMNAVAIRFORINST B, THE NAVAL AVIATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (NAMP): CHAPTER September 2, “COMNAVAIRFORINST B CH-1” will show in the header on all pages . Chapter 10 – Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard.

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Lecture number assigned for identification. Assist and advise the MO in the areas of enlisted performance, billet requirements, training, and manning within the department. Actively track qualification progress for assigned personnel.

For members transferring to an activity where ASM has not been implemented, a paper record in a standard 9X12 folder shall be initiated. Individual training jackets will be electronically exported from the current command database to the receiving command database.

Manage all cbapter of maintenance training for the department. Quarterly reviews shall be evenly spaced.

Guidelines for Evaluation of Nuclear Facility. Assign appropriate training tasks within ASM to personnel upon check-in. As a condition to the use of this document cahpter the information contained therein, the SWGDE requests More information.

QPT PQS content address the minimum standard knowledge, skills, and abilities expected to accomplish billet work. Manage and coordinate implementation, development, and improvement of the ASM and: Galvan, Jodie Galvan, Jodie Emailing: Individuals are encouraged to continually progress towards the next higher QPT certification QPT certification levels and standards have been structured to correspond with career progression levels of Apprentice through Journeyman to indicate the corresponding skill level to be attained in professional development.


Commandant of the Marine Corps To: Instructors, usually detailed from the Maintenance Department, are responsible for presentations and reports of student progress. All other documents will be returned to the individuals. CyberOptics recognizes the importance More information. Ensure training is conducted within the chappter center to provide adequate knowledge of the ASM software system.

Galvan, Jodie Galvan, Jodie Emailing: Individual training jackets will be electronically exported from the current command Employee Training Issue Date: CyberOptics recognizes the importance. It need not be in any specific format, but shall provide sufficient time to complete requirements using the applicable NAMPSOP chapter as a guide. It is supplemental information that More information. Guidelines for Evaluation of Nuclear Facility.

Ensure all aspects of ASM are in compliance and meet the minimum requirements per this instruction. Free Toll U More information. Specify courses related to: Ensure OJT is conducted by demonstration and simulation under supervision of qualified work center personnel or artisans. CAR 1 a vi More information.

President Date 1 ii. The maintenance IST IMI available via MediaTrax is designed to provide remedial and refresher training in a self-paced setting or it may be used by work center supervisors in a group setting to support unit level technical training. Ensure all divisions conduct training sessions to improve quality of performance and enhance promotional opportunities of assigned personnel.

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Repair Station Training Program Initiated by: Actively be involved in all aspects of their programs and are responsible for overall program condition.


This training represents a major contribution to the Navy s overall training effort and requires a systematic training program.

The required reading shall be maintained in a Required Reading File containing, at a minimum, maintenance information such as messages, notices, directives, instructions, or memos. Maintain a program file to include: Integrated Support Center Chicago Office. Maintain a proper balance between maintenance and required training cbapter ensure a critical mass of QPTs are on hand.

L-3 Army 4790.2n Support is an Equal Opportunity Employer We encourage minorities, cahpter, protected veterans, and disabled individuals to apply. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

4790.2B CHAPTER 10 PDF

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The trainee learns by seeing the job done and gains experience by participating in the work. 4790.2bb example, they should not be performed during the last month of a quarter and then again in the first month of the next quarter. Brief newly assigned personnel on qualification requirements, QPT career level completion time lines and expectations Work center supervisors shall: Plane Captain Refresher Training Syllabus v.

Commandant of the Marine Corps. Develop local command procedures as required per Appendix D.