The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: years, years, years, years, years. The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: Most frequent are (and increasing from to ) failures of the electrics, like Breakdown of passenger cars, ADAC Pannenstatistik , ADAC (). (originally posted in at the other site) ADAC is the organization that responds to essentially every German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik After about or so, take it with a grain of salt.

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This sounds like a good application for programmatically extracting data and performing some statistical analysis. They’ve become a mediocre brand which is dissapointing for a company which used to be so strong. But the number from the eighties and nineties are generally considered by the automotive manufacturers as quite accurate.

Certainly the times have changed.

TÜV reports – cars reliability ratings

That sounds about right. Editing to add, for whatever it is worth Ppannenstatistik actually had at my disposal for a while a Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo not my car and… the turbo seals went. Pwnnenstatistik Renaults had a terrible patch across the board in the early s but they seem to have fixed this now and their cars now seem to be quite respectable. Latest News Headlines Top Classic Car Insurance Comparison Site.

I don’t know how it’s defined within the survey but I would differentiate between breakdown in English, which is something that would leave you stranded by the side of the road, and Panne, which I would probably translate as [component] failure. Opel Signum, the slightly ulglier version of Vectra, breaks down almost twice as often as Vectra. Immaculate maintenance and treating my machinery with respect. It may not be a coincidence that Japan tends to emphasize group harmony in their culture, something Western dilettantes may never be able to internalize.

In common parlance, breakdown would be an acceptable translation but not in this technical context. Here in Brazil they were flawless.


My sister upon returning from Europe test drove a Pontiac Le mans thinking Euro car built in Korea should be good, she promptly bought a Toyota the Lemans was terrible to drive, never mind own. Most popular reviews of We’ve looked back over the past 12 months to find out which cars have proved to be the most popular on HonestJohn. That might well equate to a breakdown and would require work to be done, rather than simply a rattle or having an exhaust changed in line with schedule, but would not necessarily require a breakdown and recovery.

We’re wary of diesels because we only do trips of about 10 miles. Speaking as someone who lived with a LeMans for a few years, I find it interesting that the Kadett E appears to have been as much a piece of junk as its Daewoo offspring.

Except maybe the very dismal showing of the Opel Commodore. They were too conservative to try something that different. Posted May 27, at 9: So for anyone to use those tables to say for example a rubbish car is more reliable pannebstatistik a rubbish car is just plain wrong. Automotive Histories and Misc.

Value my carmiles buy or sell? Stoerung im Arbeitslauf, Fehler, Missgeschick. We only do trips panhenstatistik 10 miles at a time – should we avoid buying a diesel car? So here are the reviews that got the most views in JavaScript is required to panndnstatistik comments. I wonder if that is because Citroen improved their products from abysmal to slightly below average, while by the early 90s everyone else had actually learned how to make cars reliable?

Latest German ADAC Satisfaction Survey | Motoring discussion | Back Room Forum | Honest John

It’s not measuring reliability though. Here are some examples of what the Germans have to say: The company made running changes to resolve several chronic and expensive issues with the design. They were specifically bought more by younger buyers then, who were more adventurous and tired of the poor reliability of the home-town brands.

Sign up pannenstatstik the HonestJohn.

Must have been a long lead time. The Laguna looks a bit scary! Posted May 26, at 3: When I asked for And yes, for members only.


ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

Certainly the Fiat diesels are class leaders as far as reliability is concerned how about an Alfa 5 cyl diesel which managed to make to toKmmiles before the engine died.

In regards to the Cobalt et all ignition switch Delphi was still a wholly owned subsidiary of GM when it was originally designed and first went into production. Correct Reply Report as offensive Link. The funny thing is there are always Europeans on internet forums claiming that VWs and other mass-market European cars are just as reliable as the best cars from Japan in Europe. But on the other hand, I can imagine they would manage to let larger Maserati and Chrysler share the same platform in the coming years and maybe Dodge can get a pannenstatisstik version too.

Posted May 27, at 3: Delphi became independent of GM in I mean, they struggle to sell new cars in the UK anyway, dunno about elsewhere because their dodgy reputation gives them low resale values. If only it had been more like a Toyota Century sdac Lincoln Town Car, sticking to long-proven, appropriate levels of tech for a big, often chauffeur-driven model while something more sporting served as the tech flagship…. But it is commonly held, by the manufacturers too, that the stats from the late 70s, 80s and 90s is about as good as anything of its kind.

After about or so, take it with a grain of salt. But, this kind of short-sightedness creeps into every society, IMO. Jaguar appear to be heading in the right direction however what has happened to Nissan since Aadac took over? Posted May 27, at 6: Sat 9 Dec The german populas is very quickly loosing faith in it its flagship product.