This course will provide information about the fundamentals of the SAP authorization concept, using SAP R/3 Enterprise. However, these. ADM SAP Authorization Concept mySAP Technology Date Training Center Instructors Education Website Instructor Handbook Course Version: Q2. ADM SAP Authorization Concept mySAP Technology Date Training Center Instructors Education Website Instructor Handbook Course.

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Training administration will inform you of the instructor password for access to the system. These SAP systems change weekly.

Training Outline ADM SAP AS ABAP – Authorization Concept

These templates can be used as a basis for analyzing and developing the company-specific roles and the authorization concept. In the User column, enter the following user names and choose the Create – F8 icon.

Menus of Composite Roles If you assign multiple single roles to a sapp, multiple listings of individual menu entries can occur. If you want to change the authorizations that are represented by a composite roleyou must maintain the data for each role of the composite role. The members responsible for implementation must be able to use the Profile Generator.

Determine activities Definition of the roles: Explain this to the participants. A few customers may claim at this point that assigned parameters are not automatically transferred to the corresponding fields.


The main task, however, in the company, is to control the checks in programs.

The traffic light symbol turns to Green. It allows you to divide the user tasks into small reusable blocks roles.

ADM940 SAP AS ABAP – Authorization Concept

This course deals only with the security mechanisms at application level. Each user has his or her own user buffer, in which all authorizations that are assigned to sxp user are listed. Menu displays less than the composite role authorizes If the contents of the assigned roles are extended menu or authorizations changethese are not automatically visible in the composite role menu. Profile Generator and Standard Roles The Profile Generator automatically provides the corresponding authorizations for the functions chosen.

Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, ocncept will be able to: Save the Microsoft Excel file on your hard disk for example, in the directory C: Lesson Summary You should now be able to: The IDs contain the course ID and a two-digit group number. Elements and Terminology of the Authorization Concept This possibility simplifies user administration and makes it easier for the company’s HR team of Support department to assign authorizations.


Example text Screen output. A typical requirement in a company is, for example, to create a role that has as clear a menu as possible, but which also describes a complete work center or position.

Maintaining and Evaluating User Data Task 1: For which authorization object class are all authorization field contents maintained? Go to the User tab page.

Steps for using personalization: Access authorizations for systems and data. Maintaining and Evaluating User Data 95 Exercise 4: The user buffer, which is also introduced, plays a vital role in the check.

If any of the above steps fail, the transaction will not begin, and the user will receive a message. Roles are used to implement the menus that users can work with after they have logged on to the SAP System. If you assign roles to users for a limited period of time only, you must perform a comparison at the beginning and at the end of the validity period. All users are initially created in a central logical system client and then distributed to the other clients of the entire installation.