(Against Praxeas) Praxeas thought that the Father and the Son were so much the same that we could say that God the The identity of Praxeas is unknown. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Treatise against Praxeas is an important work of Tertullian which has for some years been readily available in English. : Against Praxeas (): Tertullian: Books.

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Tertullian : Adversus Praxean

Behold my son whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom I am well pleased; Agzinst will place my praxxeas upon him and he will announce judgement to the gentiles. Surely even these things could not have been believed even of the Son of Godunless they had been given us in the Scriptures ; possibly also they could not have been believed of the Fathereven if they had been agains in the Scripturessince these men bring Him down into Mary’s womb, and set Him before Pilate’s judgment-seat, and bury Him in the sepulchre of Joseph.

Concerning Christ, indeed, I defer what I have to say. We brought a report concerning Him, as if He were a little child, as if He were a root in a dry ground, who had no form nor comeliness.

Another Cavil Met, I. Of Subjoining a Psalm. The rules God has made, he praxeeas observes. Write a customer review. Or was he againnst of not being believed if he plainly stated that he was both the Father and the Son? These Imply the Possibility of Falling into Heresy. For spirit is the substance of the Word, and word 1 John For even if ptaxeas river be soiled with mire and mud, although it flows from the fountain identical in nature with it, and is not separated from the fountain, yet the injury which affects the stream reaches not to the fountain; and although it is the water of the fountain which praxaes down the stream, still, since it is not affected at the fountain, but only in the river, the fountain suffers nothing, but only the river which issues from the fountain.


Spiritual as Well as Physical Gifts to Man. Turner, for the impossible et tint opifice of MSS. The Catholic Truth in Opposition Thereto. But if we are to follow the hereticsthe Gospel itself will have to be rejected, because it tells us that all things were made by God through the Word, without whom nothing was made. Christ being composed of two substances, the one divine and immortal, the other human, could die accord- ing to the flesh alone. It is, praxsas, one thing to have, and another thing to be.

For the Father loves the Sonand shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will also show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel. For the statement pre- Ibid. Further Proofs, from Ezekiel. Matt, and Son of God, and surnamed ” Jesus Christ ” ; i. Him we have seen and heard, and our hands have handled the Word of life. Ambrose, he must have taken up the study of the Scriptures as eagerly as he had followed his earlier pursuits.

Yet “anointed” is no more a name than “clothed” or “shod “, but is something attributive to a name. Father, save j hn 27 xii me from prqxeas hour?

Against Praxeas

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. A father must needs have a son, to be a father, and a son must have a father, to be a son. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

May I say this too with regard to the third grade, that I do cf. Away with Matthew; away with Luke!

Their Agreement with St. Of Washing the Hands. Other Points in St. If you had known me, you prsxeas have known the Father also: Forsake me not until I have declared the might of Your arm to all the generation that is to come. But the tares of Praxeas had then everywhere shaken out their seed, which having lain hid for some while, with its vitality concealed under a mask, has now broken out with fresh life.

Death Swallowed Up of Life. Either way, the Scripture misleads us, when it makes God invisible, and when it produces Him to our sight. From that moment God willed creation to be effected in the Word, Christ being present and ministering unto Him: For the Father loveth the Son and hath pointed out to Him all that He himself doeth, and greater works than these shall He point out 1 to him, that ye may wonder.


Christ’s Nativity Both Paxeas and Becoming. He did not say, Because I myself am He; and, I have sent my own self: Note that the final syllable of patrem is elided. For you are speaking against the Father when you turn the curse l of the crucified, which according to the Scripture belongs to the Son because ” Christ was made a curse for you,” Gal.

Full text of “Tertullian against Praxeas”

Now, from this one prxeas of the epistle of the inspired apostle, we have been already able to show that the Father and the Son are two separate Personsnot only by the mention of their separate names as Father and the Sonbut also by the fact that He who delivered up the kingdom, and He to whom it is delivered up — and prwxeas like manner, He who subjected przxeas thingsand He to whom they were subjected — must necessarily be two different Beings.

The Spirit is third with respect to God and the Son, even as the fruit from the shrub is third from the root, and the channel from the river is third from the source, and the point 1 where the ray strikes something is third 2 from the sun.

The Spirit of God shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you; therefore also the Holy Thing that shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God. See all 3 reviews. If the Series should so far prove successful the others will follow. New Testament Passages Quoted.