Giorgio Agamben. Translated from the Italian h Jeff Port. In Praise. Of Profanation . Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Giorgio. Agamben’ s. Essays by a provocative Italian philosopher on memory and oblivion, on what is lost and what remains. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always. Giorgio Agamben. In Foucault’s analyses, devices generate both de- subjectivation and subjectivation processes. Unfortunately, many amongst the studies on.

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In this reduced state, people are not legally or morally protected against mistreatment at the hands profanattion the sovereign. A photo from some time ago that I wish I would have kept, where my wife’s face was simply angelic, she sitting backwards in a ladder-back chair, nude, her legs spread wide and her genitals on display.

Everywhere the special must be reduced profanatipn the personal and the personal to the substantial. Reduction to the naked life is not restricted to a small minority, according to Agamben, but is virtually pervasive.


It sits at the end of the paragraph, at the end of the chapter, as an appendage, perhaps a warning that leads readers to wonder whether their confidence that they have understood what came before was an illusion. Because of my wife’s innocence the problem now existed where our art did not interface with pornography in the sense described in the opening quote because the model had no feelings of conflict and contradiction during the shoot, but would have had afterward when she saw the results and thought of her father finding out if she went ahead and approved of the picture’s publication.

This is the first work I have read by Agamben, and I am quite sure it will not be my last. For readers unacquainted with Agamben’s ideas, it will not serve as a general introduction. To describe the cultural emptiness of capitalist profanation Agamben resorts to pornography and fashion.


Agamben’s reflections on cultural artefacts, profanaation, and genius alternate between the poetic and agambe theoretical, and find their beauty in their litheness. Sarki rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lenskij rated it it was amazing Aug 08, A meditation on memory and oblivion, on what is lost and what remains, Profanations proves yet again that Agamben is one of the most provocative writers of our time. Peter rated it really liked it Aug 30, Something is personalized — is referred to as an identity — at the cost of sacrificing its specialness To judge for themselves whether Profanations is worth the effort, prospective readers should know something about its odd structure, about the difficulties readers profantaion as they follow Agamben from one subject to another, and about the philosophical background that informs his thought.

Jan 01, Oktaria Profanayion rated it really liked it. Sovereign Power and Bare Life one of three books in the Homo Sacer seriesAgamben developed the unsettling thesis that everyone subject to the sovereign authority of the modern nation-state has been reduced by a system of biopolitics to naked life, existence devoid of personal dignity and rights.

In the single short volume of Profanationshe builds on insights from a kaleidoscopic range of philosophers, including Aristotle, Kant, Marx, Nietzsche, Schmitt, Heidegger, Adorno, Benjamin, and Foucault, among many others, not to mention an profqnation wide range of figures from profanatioh and literature. In Fuerbach’s terms, pornography is defined by sex as the identity of the profane and truth, whereas fashion is defined by money as the identity of the sacred and the illusion.

CoolBreeze rated it really liked it Oct 08, Mar 22, Alfonso De castro added it.

The same is true for everything that is done, produced, or experienced — even the human body, even sexuality, even language Pero eso significa que profanar se ha vuelto imposible Aug 13, Eli added it. Some very tasty essays in here. Lists with This Book.


Y el cierre es brillante! So, from a critical philosophical perspective, what are we to make of Profanations? In its extreme form, the capitalist religion realizes the pure agambn of separation, to the point that there is nothing left to separate …. Agamben defines religion as the sphere of separation: In a sense, fashion would be more entitled, and would certainly be likely disposed, to profanation than pornography, despite the fact that the latter is prone to profanation as well.

The variety enables readers to see Agamben in his relaxed informal mode, discussing what he loves and why, and in his more guarded formal mode, discussing theoretical matters with the customary air of objectivity.

Profanations // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

It is in any event worth reading. Constitution, the state of exception legally empowers the sovereign to expand its own power and to suspend individuals’ rights. Whether or not the last sentence is true, and it is on its face at least debatable, it does profanatioon follow from the preceding discussion. As a result of Agamben’s dynamic and deliberately playful shifting from one mode of discourse to another, readers might find it difficult to get their bearings.

In caricatured form, his arguments appear to be based on a false premise, indeed a agaamben motivated by widely shared delusions.