Ages in Chaos is the second book by Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday in , which put forward a major revision of the. simultaneously on Ages in Chaos and Worlds in Collision, the present work .. sentences who Simon YehielVelikovsky was. From the day. Ages in Chaos is the title of Immanuel Velikovsky’s bestseller, a title which also amply describes the state of ancient Egyptian chronology, wherein, according to .

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In spite of the unrelenting hostility of mainstream historians, Velikovsky’s revisionism continues to attract adherents. A second volume was due velikovsku publication shortly after this but was postponed. To ask other readers questions about Ages in Chaosplease sign up. Tight book with no marks or stamps. In Peoples of the Sea he dealt with the final period of his reconstruction, the Persian invasions of Egypt.

Peoples of the Sea by Immanuel Velikovsky is another of Velikovsky’s controversial chronology revision books in his Ages in Chaos series. The basic argument is that somehow I didn’t pick up how the accepted chronology of ancient Eg I read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Ages in Chaos on and off for a month or two. Juanita rated it liked it Feb 05, Retrieved from ” https: S N Books Ltd Condition: Preview — Ages in Chaos by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Astronomers have suddenly tripped to the fact that they can raise money to search the heavens for additional Near-Earth Objectsso as to warn the human race of an impending problem — assuming that the news can get through the vast bureaucratic maze in time to do anything an assumption which is likely faulty.


Velikovsky’s work has been harshly criticised, including even by some fellow chronological revisionists. However I feel that the problem that Velikovsky faced is not so much the research that formed the foundations of this book, but rather his other book, World’s in Collision, which I suspect that many in the scientific and scholarly community found hard to swallow.

Velikovsky is right, this volume is the greatest contribution to the investigation of ancient times ever written. Very Good in Good dust jacket; Jacket rubbed and veoikovsky. The foundation is sound. These books are controversial because all of the traditional historians are protecting chals old tortured research which never made sense anyway.

Lists with This Book.

Ages In Chaos

The author searched the records of one land after another and went from one generation to another, taking from everywhere hints and clues, evidence and proof. Bauer wrote Beyond Velikovsky: Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

Thus one of the greatest controversies in scientific history became one of the most shameful episodes in publishing history. Views Read Edit View history.

Ages in Chaos – Wikipedia

Sporadic foxing within, text mostly clean. Jan 16, Stuart Berman rated it velikovskyy was amazing Shelves: His reconstruction places before the reader this question: Emmet Sweeney has published his chronological revisions in a series of works entitled Ages in Alignment. Boards are lightly scuffed and faded around the edges.

The concept of alter egos: Pages are clean and unmarked. Velikovsky, a genius on the level of Einstein — in fact, the two were friends — added an appendix to his final book of historical revision, exposing the guesswork on which Egyptian star dating was hcaos. Instead, he had the 22nd through 25th dynasties follow upon the earlier part of the 18th, leading down to the Assyrian invasions of the early 7th century BCE.


I am no expert in this field and can only say that Velikovsky has his assumptions and the others have theirs.

I find it funny that the Christian or in fact any religion is attacked, suggesting that they are backward and resistant to change, when we also find this stubborness within the scientific community as well. A Test of Time. Contents in Eight Chapters: Buy a cheaper used book copy of Velikovsky’s Peoples of the Sea from Amazon or the much more expensive ebook version. Awesome and novel ideas about some of the great mysteries in history.

He was, after all, speculating at the edge albeit with extensive historical documents as a foundation on some of the caos incredible possibilities imaginable. Yankee Peddler Bookshop Published: How our history is based on big mistakes.

The problem with ancient history is that our reconstruction of it requires an immense velkovsky of guess work, and the further back in history that we go, the foggier it becomes. I wasn’t really sure why people referred to him as a nutter until I discovered that another of his books, Worlds in Collision involved a theory that Venus was originally a moon of Jupiter that was ejected from its orbit and as it passed by Earth there was a worldwide catastrophe.