I am using (beez5) and have uploaded aiContactSafe to use as my contact After that you can find other tutorials on aiContactSafe here. By default, emails sent from aiContactSafe forms will be delivered to the From In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we will show you how to change the recipient. This link will direct users to a form already setup within aiContactSafe. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create this Contact Us link in your.

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This field is controling the minimum tuyorial starting from the current year. I’m putting very much time aicontactsafee supporting my free extensions as it is.

If the problem appears again you need to repeat 3, 4 and 5 because you have a second extension that creates a javascript problem. Browsing All Articles 21 Articles. Align label and fields Use this buttons to automatically generate the CSS code to align the labels and fields according to the name of the button pressed.

Changing the width of fields in aiContactSafe forms. Click “Reset” to cancel the ordering. This field is controling the maximum year aiontactsafe from the current year. Click “Reset” to remove the filter. Find the line “aiContactSafeLink” on the bottom of that page and click the “Install” button. Board index All times are UTC. Field used as tutoriql Select the field to use as the name of the sender of the email.


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Installation It’s working in Joomla! After you confirm the deletion, you will not be able to recover the deleted message s. Tutoral of the problems generated in aiContactsafe by javascript conflicts are: With aiContactSafe, you can add additional fields to your forms in order to get more information from the user. Here is one for jQuery:. Create a Aicontactsxfe Us page in Joomla 2.

Use the top right toolbar to save, apply or cancel the information entered into the form.

aiContactSafeLink – Algis Info Grup

I can’t offer support for other extensions. I may very well return to your contact form in the near future, when I understand some more of the basics of joomla. How to change contact information shown within aiContactSafe forms 5. You have the following ttutorial Are you the publisher? Is the guide complete?

Thank you message The message to display when the message is succesfully sent. InMotion Hosting Customer Community. Use the to right toolbar to delete a file.

Profile The profile used to send the message. Custom field date format Date format for the custom fields of the type date. By default a reference to the subject of the message to which the reply is made is added here.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Just click the “Help” button on the right top toolbar. Subject Enter the subject you want to add aicntactsafe the reply. Other parameters that can be used in the plugin code are the field names of aiContactSafe.


All the fields used as the email parameters name, email, subject, send to sender have to be selected here. Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. You create a menu link for each language and select the appropriate article. On top of the table you have some fields that will help you filter the messages.

How to add a new field to aiContactSafe forms

There are other boards for more specific help on Joomla! How to install aiContactSafe in Joomla 2. Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Edit Modify the parameters for an existing profile. Installing and Getting Started in Joomla 2. You can modify it anyway you see fit.

The subject and the email address are prefilled. Edit email Edit the email template alcontactsafe the selected profile. I would like to put in at the bottom of my contact page articlebut am having a problem. If you use aiContactSafeplease post a rating and a review at the Joomla! How to change contact information shown within aiContactSafe forms.

The simple answer to your question is yes, you can do that. Delete Delete the selected files asking the confirmation for this action. Back to first comment top.