nne number of solutions of the equation 3p + 4q = 70, where p and qare positive integers and p > q, is. (A) 4. (C) 3 AIMCAT Question. Uploaded by. Hi, Slot booking for AIMCAT has will be conducted anyone has solution of aimcat do respond will provide email if u have. THANKS. estallar When will the results be out for AIMCAT ?? asim: they will be deepak: Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould.

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Will be put up very shortly. You can take the test anytime throughout the year but in case you need to apply this academic year then you need to plan the preparation at least 4 months before you take the test.

Hopefully this was helpful. Ask New Question Sign In. Dont you think instead of getting that topic out, it will be better if you get a grip on those events! It is a fact that many engineers get in, but that is only because many engineers attempt CAT. The difficulty level is top high. Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists.

You must graduate to the higher level of difficulty level by practicing the questions provided in Online Sectional Tests. From this stage how should I improve this score? The level is way high than the CAT. As sai is not here. Sir, pl advice me on how to improve my quant solving speed and accuracy. You need a good balance of speed and accuracy in all levels of difficulty. No announcements have been made to that effect yet. Sir would you suggest quant from arun sharma or just the quant material is sufficient similarly suggest for other subjects also i have just started my prep completed my eng and have whole time at my disposal thomas: The result will be out tonight.


No point in going with a preset number in mind Identify the areas you are strong at. But, alas, there isn’t.

Use max time for preparation. It could anything related to your perception about the paper and your 13177 in it. First try to solve LR qns from the ones held so far. Hi Sir, I attempted 15 questions in Quant, but somehow i got only 9 correct.

Dear Sir, the AimCat results are not yet out? In case you are asking about the specialization part, you should choose that based on your interest, aptitude and your long term career goal.

But plz tell me wheter this test was on the easier side or the difficult side Improvement in DI comes only from practice: Sir,i have completed the BSM booklet for all the chapters taught in class. Do you suggest attempting DI first before solugions.

This is so, because, whatever the paper, you must do well enough to be shortlisted. Aimcay will take some time to get good score. So, master the basics first and practise as much as you can.

You may try the strategy of scanning a section for 5 min and then attempting the easy ones. Is it 3 times or not? What should i do almcat I’m a bit nervous. You will also start to enjoy your preparation, and confidence will be a by-product!

Which is the best test series for CAT? Also i felt that the questions were easy and i could have attempted more. Whether or not to do questions from some online forums i. almcat


So should i show that 4 months work ex in my soutions Sir if i’m helping my mother with her business lpg dealership can i put it as work experience? I have been scoring consistently in the 40s in quant in the past few aimcats. I have been doing that from a considerable time nowbut still not able to fare well in RCs.

AIMCAT 1317:Discussion Thread

In that case, you cannot afford to leave out any chapter assuming oslutions it is not important as there could be questions from those chapters looking at you to be solved and you will be helplessly looking solutuons at them as you left those chapters out. Hi Srinivas, My score in quant is consistent on upper side. Don’t worry too much about Sub-Vocalization – that will take care of itself. Now am not working.

How will be my chances if i do PGP with 3 n half years of experience?? Dont know where you got that figure from, but it is exaggerated. Number of attempts are not taken into consideration.

Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

DEcent; clear the cut-offs with a margin. Please suggest And also let me know will the 11317 ex help in getting admission to B-Schools? You may first want to practise from the handouts, online sectional tests and exercise book, to improve your speed and then attempt the aimcat questions.