Nowadays, our product PCU-ABDAB has been designed by our R&D department with specifications and features to make tests according to Airbus ABD. I’m looking for some informations on the Airbus’ ABD standard about obsolescence of electronics in aircrafts. Does any of you have a copy. Request Quote ยท About. > Resources>Compliance Standards>Avionics & Airborne Electronics (RTCA, AIRBUS)> Airbus ABD

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Aircraft Architect Systems Architect Implementation of collaborative system engineering requires thorough consideration of People and Processes Abf100 Factors aspects Roadmaps: Need innovative interdisciplinary solutions for composite structures. G-Cloud Service Description Atos: By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Job Description Job Title: Equipment Categories There are three DC power equipment Categories R, B, and Z that indicate the type of power used by the equipment and the type of DC power source with which the equipment is compatible.

Airhus you an Engineering professional? We test against corrosion, mechanical failures, electrical malfunction and chemical degradation to ensure that the unit continues to operate safely, no matter its location on the aircraft. Integration- and System Testing Chapter Register now while it’s still free! Table of contents 1 Introduction Operational shock verifies that equipment will continue to function after exposure to shocks experienced during normal aircraft operations.

RTCA DO-160 Testing

System designer responsibility With the system: General Design Information Management System: To use this website, you aidbus agree to our Privacy Policy wirbus, including cookie policy. Concepts of Logistics management The role of Logistics information systems and technology Logistics relevance to an organization and the economy Channels of distribution More information.

View This Series Compare Products. This section of RTCA DO ensures that the unit does not emit radiofrequency interference in excess of accepted limits. The designated test category for the EUT should correspond to the lightning strike zone in which the EUT will be installed on the aircraft.


Cost is reduced through greater economies of scale, removal of duplication More information. There are five equipment Categories Y, Z, A, B, and C that apply to installation separation distances between the EUT and compass or compass xbd100 of less than 30 centimeters to more than centimeters. February 1 Executive Summary Adnet is pleased to provide this white paper, describing our approach to performing More information.

Design and Development of Transport Aircraft Systems

Element can provide you with critically important data on your product or part’s performance in response to aabd100 or extreme environmental stresses and conditions. S for locations where corrosive atmosphere is encountered during normal aircraft operation and T for locations where severe salt atmosphere is encountered hovering aircraft over sea.

Heather Harrington 2 years ago Views: This latest upgrade allows our customers to continue to get additional use and value from their AC and DC Power Source investment and saves them a considerable amount of setup and programming time when performing these compliance tests.

A software lifecycle model is a standardised format for airbuss organising, and running a new development project.

Product Alignment with Company Strategy and Roadmap 2. There are 6 equipment Categories B, L, M, H, P, and Q that indicate the location of the equipment and the separation between the equipment and aircraft antennas. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members!

PI Team Masters Forum – 2. Equipment Category designation for Section 20 consists of two letters. At the Heart of Connected Manufacturing www. Overview Dependencies in this Phase are defined as actions. Tests in alrbus section determine the ability of externally mounted electronic equipment to withstand the direct effects of a severe lightning strike.

Airbus induced lightning tests to ADB

The Contractor shall provide products and More information. There are two equipment Categories. C and a duration of two days; Category B has as high temperature of 65 Deg C and a duration of 10 days; and Category C has a high temperature of 55 Deg C and a duration of six days.


Equipment Categories There are 21 categories associated with temperature and altitude. Duplication of this document or extraction of content is strictly forbidden. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

Journey to the Private Cloud: Industry perspective Business drivers Trends More information. Williams Medical Device Fellow Ph. This test determines the effects on equipment of prolonged exposure to a salt atmosphere.

Test points are chosen based on their accessibility to personnel, with 10 positive and 10 negative polarity discharges at 15 kV applied to each one.

Sections 4 and 5 of RTCA DO combine an aircraft’s cruising altitude with the test unit’s onboard position to create equipment categories that set requirements for temperature, altitude, and rates of change for testing. Engaged in testing virtually every material, component and system on commercial aircraft, Element’s deliverable is mission critical, certainty. Food and Drug Administration Marcie R. Crash Safety sustained is performed using one of our multiple large centrifuges largest 30 foot arm.

A set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software. Cost is reduced through greater economies of scale, removal of duplication. Equipment Categories The equipment Categories are comprised of two characters. Murray Software Compliance Expert U. Tests in this section are performed to determine if the unit and its interconnecting cables can operate as required when exposed to RF interference.