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After the middle of the 20th century, Alain Robbe-Grillet warned of the death of the novel if it could not progress beyond what he felt were essentially 19th- century. Jealousy: A Novel [Alain Robbe-Grillet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his most famous and perhaps most typical work, Robbe-Grillet . Jealousy [Alain Robbe-Grillet, Richard Howard, Tom McCarthy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his most famous and perhaps most.

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Apr 18, Jeffrey Keeten rated it really liked it Shelves: In Jealousythis blind spot is the novel’s protagonist. Alain Robbe-Grillet was a French writer and filmmaker. The venomous Scutigera serves as a meeting point for associations so overloaded that if it were a plug socket it would be smoking. However, if we remain open-minded, tolerant and patient, we too can be intoxicated. Around the time of his second novel he became a literary advisor for Les Editions de Minuit and occupied this position from until The language focuses on extreme surface, chronicling objects, proximity of things, jealouusy disembodied individuals treated as bits and pieces; relational.

Construction workers repair a decaying bridge on the edge of the property.

I also hoped that we could put your youthful affair with Franck behind us. A fine-tuned study of obsession, Jealousy allows us a sort of psychological portrait of a character and scenario, but without resorting to any of actual introspection or psychology Robbe-Grillet claimed to loath at the time.


The variations are extremely numerous; the variations of these, still more so. Throughout the book, Robbe-Grillet associates her with the color green “green eyes. Yet his work is ultimately characterised by its ability to mean many things to many different people[2].

This article does not cite any sources. For me, this was a most fascinating part of this novella.

Preview — Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet. Timelines and plots are fractured and the resulting novel resembles the literary equivalent of a cubist painting. Because what he relates to us is so devoid of emotional coloring it is as if he is an alien presence and will require human intervention to make sense of what he is seeing. It was actually none of robbe-grillst things.

‘Jealousy’ by Robbe-Grillet

Alain Robbe-Grillet and Jealousy. Like, are the descriptions really of someONE looking, or could they be omniscient in some way, divorced from a point of view? Refresh and try again. Are we sure that the guy we think is her husband is also our eye? I certainly felt bored.

As Robbe-Grillet was himself fond of jealoudy He is observing her, in this particular instance, through the slats of a blind or jalousie in French ; and we, through an ingenious if untranslatable linguistic duplication, are watching her through two jalousies: Each work is like an Airfix kit–or, more precisely, an IKEA one, since there is always one vital piece missing.

Want to Read saving…. The whole room is plunged into darkness. We are like one of the characters peering into its meaning: Or, are they already planning a second trip? Thanks for telling us about the problem. She serves ice cubes “each of which imprisons a bundle of silver needles in its heart. Repeat ad nauseam in fragmentary, temporally disjointed ways, then mix in some nonsense about geometric arrangements of banana trees and the quotidian robbe-vrillet of a column’s shadow and that’s pretty much this novel in a robbe-griolet.


I should say it’s trance-like.

‘Jealousy’ by Robbe-Grillet | notesfromzembla

The head leans to the right, offering the hair more readily to the brush. Just as a louvre might be a blind, so might a lover be blind. Hit all my buttons. Is it a love letter?

As a short story, or perhaps a novella, Jealousy could have been a chilling, creepily effective little piece on the mind degenerating over obsession; as it rbobe-grillet, it’s rather, well, boring. They’re all about the style and not about the story.

The brush jealoussy a bone-colored oval whose short hands disappears almost entirely in the hand firmly gripping it.

Robbe-Grillet is forensic as his narrator attempts to determine whether the objects are jealuosy they purport to be, or as he alleges, an affair is taking place.