The Alesis Monolithic/Integrated Surface™ Audio Console is a 16 channel, two buss audio mixing console which features the new Integrated Monolithic. Alesis Mixing Desk, Music Technology, Jul I’m on the lookout for a mixer. MY FUNDS ARE LIMITED and I have had the offer of a used alesis mixer: PRICE UK pounds. Looking at the spec of the.

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So, the seemed an ideal solution – and a budget-priced solution, too. The ‘s 16 channels give you plenty of headroom plus channels to spare for vocals or acoustic instruments. Aleesis satisfied with those reviews? And if that sounds attractive to you, you know what to do.

Alesis | Harmony Central

I’m not sure I can leave it there for that. Check out here and at http: The left and right 162 Master channels have their own pan pots. Well, I was sufficiently impressed but my needs back at last year’s BMF were great and urgent and I couldn’t wait until the production models – or even a review model – came rolling off the line.

My hard-earned lolly found another home.

Alesis channel Rack Mountable Audio Mixer Console | eBay

If something breaks, you’re screwed cause it’s all mounted on 1 large circuit board. As each channel can be routed to either buss and panned left or right, you could effectively use the mixer to feed four independent signals to a four-track recorder, for example, with a reasonable amount of flexibility. Alesis’ “Monolithic Integrated Surface” technology has led to the development of a complete mixer – yep, the – whose internals are basically designed around a single circuit board.


However, the equalizer is short two knobs. SOUNDS The console is trs transparent, and because of the technology it uses monolithic system which reduces the number of welding etc Write a user review Ask for a user review. Obviously, altering the input signal changing synth patches and so on and tweaking the EQ will alter the input level so you may have to check the levels several times during use.

Each channel has an insert point on a stereo jack allowing you to plug an outboard unit into just one channel. Next are the sends – two pre-fades and four postfades. Tickets for they are 30 db and yet they have more potatoes than pramps ultra low noise 60 dB qualified with less juice and breath in when pousss del 3 hours.

There are separate Sub Master and Master outputs plus a Monitor Out to plug into your, er, monitors – via an amp, of course. It looks like a decent mixer. Again, the manual contains several suggestions and here the Sub Masters really start to earn their keep. Although the construction appears to be quite rugged, I wonder what happens if a control does become faulty or if you break a pot or a fader – would a repair mean replacing the whole board?

Alesis mxer Before you buy, check out the. Our members also liked: I’m slesis second thoughts now. It work ok for a monitor board.

Next article in this issue A New Master. It is a very complete table with everything you need for mixing insert on each channel, several departure and return of pre and post-fader effects, 1 section equalizer not very efficient it will think about is equip with eq Once you cross the acceptance threshold, however, you realise the advantage is that you don’t notice the aledis finger marks.


These are little white toggle switches which slide across the mixer from left to right rather than the more usual push-button affairs.

If it holds up and works for you, that’s all you can hope for. Underneath the sends are the routing switches which send the signal to the Master or Sub Master, and below these are Mute and Solo switches.

It is not too bad, not too heavy for a table at the time, and particularly 162, the number of auxiliary for effect or other use. This thing is quiet.

Alesis 1622

I like it I exchange it not against a barrel of liquor brand X or against quite a few other consoles I had in laesis hands and offered far fewer connections, were noisy and more expensive. Results 1 to 10 of All times are GMT The Alesi stand at Frankfurt was showing a video demonstrating just how impervious the critter is. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

At the top are the level LEDs – seven green, four yellow and four red. I have the