Allan Holdsworth had one of the most distinctly original voices of any Much has been written about Holdsworth’s legato technique, speed. Watching Allan Holdsworth perform may leave you with the approach, coupled with a saxophone-smooth legato technique, paved the way for. Allan Holdsworth Extreme LegatoPart One and Part Two q = ° # & œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ #œ œ œnœ œ œ#œ œ.

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Oct 9, 3.


When you are coming down the scale, keep that same approach, putting a slur between the first and second notes on each string, but just use a pull-off when descending the scale fingering. Oct 9, 1. Bryan TOct 9, Though these are two separate ideas, I often start by giving one answer: Time to get a little terrifying. A lauded musician who humbly shrugged off any suggestions of his proficiency. A laid-back conversational persona, with the unlaziest attitude imaginable to the development of theory, improvisation, rhythm and technique.

There are many videos of him playing – perhaps you could catch him in action? At that time, he used very, very light strings. When he was a teenager, while most budding guitarists were happy with a box position and a couple of chords, Holdsworth decided not to accept the traditional scales, but start again in a way that made sense to him.

This wide interval approach avoid octaves and triadic forms is typical of his style. Not content with what was possible with one fretting hand, Holdsworth occasionally added notes to chords using a tap from his fretting hand creating ultra-wide voicing as in the final bar here.

I mean he had an.

Again, there are endless possibilities in how this can be employed. I spent a bit of time watching him in slo motion, I would start there. The concept is the same as when you added one slur, use hammers on the way up and pull-offs on the way down to complete the exercise.


All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Here is the process I used to work out the aplan in the example below. Your name or email address: Oct 9, 2. Topics Jazz Guitar Corner. You must alaln in or sign up to reply here.

Allan Holdsworth’s Four-Note-Per-String Scales | Guitarworld

Oct 9, 9. As for pulling off, the technique doesn’t require pick attack.

Though not as common as in-position, the CAGED system or three-note-per-string scales, using four notes on each string can help you learn the notes of the neck, add more legato to your lines and break you out of box patterns at the same time. The following example uses a couple of his devices known as side-stepping and constant xllan. To help explain his approach, imagine we labelled the 12 notes [E-T]; a five-note scale could be [] or [] or [] and so on and on, to create unique scales there would also be six-note scales, seven-note scales, eight-note scales and so on.

A pub musician light years from Mustang Sally. His set was quite light and he was using poplar, basswood, and other body woods that are light. Oct 9, 4.

Don’t Miss Classic interview: To achieve this he learned to play his scales not with just two or three notes per string, but in four-notes-per-string fingerings. Holdseorth careful not to exhaust your fretting hand, by giving yourself breaks both within the phrase and in your practice sessions. Similarly, hammering on to sound the note is easier if you have lighter strings. Check out this scale below, and then take it to as many keys as you can across the neck before moving on to the slur exercises that follow.


How to play in a modern style and holddsworth to break out of box patterns. A jazz guitarist without an f-hole, headstock or blues lick. I often get asked about two topics: You also can add two slurs to the back end of each string but placing a slur between the second, third and fourth notes on each string in the scale.

A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. This lsgato of legato approach is indicative of the Holdsworth style, so if you are going for that sound, this is a variation that you will want to check out and get under your fingers. Gain is not oegato out, and he has enormous hands capable of tremendous reach for lines, for chords.


The best way to see if you have really learned a new concept is to take it out and make some music with it. Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet. Used by modern players such as Allan Holdsworthwhose playing inspired me to check out these fingerings, four-note-per-string scales can help bring a more modern flavor to your lines, expand your knowledge of the neck and allow you to cover a large amount of fretboard real estate with just one scale shape, all of which are beneficial to players looking to explore non-traditional scale fingerings in their playing.