Allure 2 – Read more about radiateur, apparaat, aparelho, aparato, temperatura and turbo. Allure R Installing the device. Allure 2 – Text; Radiateur, · Apparaat, · Aparelho, . Radiateur sèche-serviettes électrique – Thermor. Thermor Allure Manuel d’utilisation • N case of problem, Ecommendations of use, Aintenance • Chauffage Thermor.

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How to install your Allure Digital radiator?

Thermor Heating : Allure

Allure Digital is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools hand drill, screwdrivers It can now be adapted to suit both your lifestyle and your decor. The heating device heats constantly – Check that the device is not located in a draft or that the tempera- ture setting has not been altered.

It brings simultaneous heating of towels and room through lateral and frontal heat diffusion, for an authentic comfort. In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional. A rotating model exists please contact us. English Russian French Spanish.

English Russian French Spanish. Proceed to clean them. The fan stops prematurely.

The fan stops prematurely – Check that the air inlet grills are not blocked. Electric heating has undergone significant changes in recent years. With its W extra poweryou will heat your bathroom in a minute. However, the dual energy model requires the connection to your central heating system. Please refer to the installation manual. Energies Electricity Solar energy Aerothermal heating systems Geothermal heating systems Convectors What is a convector? The last elements top alpure bottom are cooler than the rest of the device.


Narrow 2 versionsnarrow with turbo fan 2 aolure. It is a clean, simple solution with low installation costs. In all cases, follow the procedure below to restart the machine: For going further, main technical features Models: Proceed to clean them if necessary refer to the Filter paragraph.

N case of problem, Ecommendations of use, Aintenance – Thermor Allure Manuel d’utilisation

They heat up only by conduc- tion. Installation must tthermor with the standards currently enforced in the country of use. Select Allure Digital if The last elements top alure bottom are cooler than the rest of the device – At the top, the upper elements are not completely filled to allow for expansion of the thermodynamic fluid.

Allure Digital is modern and convenient to use with its side fhermor and removable hooks for hanging towels. Technical sheet Installation manual. Electric heating is very convenient and can be installed in all types of homes new or refurbished.

Power off the device fuse, circuit breaker…and call your electrician. It is quite user-friendly with a remote control and LCD screen, a shower mode and an intuitive navigation. Allure is equipped with a turbo fan! Electric heating is also a highly economical solution to buy and use. In this case, fan stoppage is normal. More than 24 hours or during summer: The perfect balance, between advanced technology and elegance, conceived by a renowned French brand such as Thermor.


With nine shades of colors available, it will perfectly integrate into your bathroom. In response to the tbermor challenges of sustainable development, other means of generating electricity have recently emerged, including wind power, solar power and biomass energy from plant material.

Radiateur Salle De Bain Thermor S Che Serviettes Noir Riviera Digital – trafficsolutionsonline

The heating device heats constantly. Less than 24 hours. In winter time, Allure Digital mixed model works from your central heating system. The device does not heat.

The easy way to combine comfort and savings Electric heating has undergone thdrmor changes in recent years. IP 24, over-heating safety device, heating indicator light Less than 24 hours: Requires good insulation Off-peak price plans offer incredible rates, especially if combined with hot water storage.

In all cases, follow the procedure below to restart the machine:. Allure Digital, depending on the model, has several great features: