“An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism”. Alvin Plantinga · Logos. Anales Del Seminario de Metafísica [Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España]. Alvin Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism (EAAN) begins with the following simple idea: the evolutionary process of natural selection selects. In his recently published two-volume work in epistemology,1 Alvin Plantinga . probabilistic argument against naturalism – and for traditional theism” (p).

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Clearly there are any number of belief-cum-desire systems that equally fit a given bit of behaviour. How should we understand this? But that is trivially true.

Sign in to use this feature. Following Plantinga’s brief summary of his thesis are eleven original pieces by his critics. Pennockeditor, Naturalism is typically conjoined with evolution as an explanation of the existence and diversity of life. I’m familiar with a good deal of Plantinga’s published work and I’ve watched him present this argument at least a dozen times via youtube and once in personand I don’t recall ever hearing this objection raised.

In the foreword to the anthology Naturalism Defeated? This post and other resources are available on Dr. At a minimum, the naturalist has to believe premises such as that the external world exists, that scientific instruments are real, that the scientific articles he reads really exist and describe real experiments, and natralism forth. A collection of essays entitled Naturalism Defeated?


I would be very interested to hear what you have to say, for I’m not sure how to respond to this. Plantinga on the Self-Defeat of Evolutionary Naturalism.

Alvin Plantinga, “An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism&quot – PhilPapers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Cultures of Creationism. Thus, my overall evaluation of the book is very positive. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Plantinga’s argument attempted to show that to combine naturalism and evolution is self-defeating, because, under these assumptions, the probability that humans have reliable cognitive faculties is low or inscrutable.

Plantinga argued that neural structures that constitute beliefs have contentin the following way: The argument was first proposed by Alvin Plantinga in and “raises issues of interest to epistemologists, philosophers of mind, evolutionary biologists, and philosophers of religion”.

No keywords specified fix it. This is true whether content properties are reducible to NP properties or supervene on them.

I doubt the existence of anything outside my own head. That is because if God has created us in his image, then even if he fashioned us by some evolutionary means, he would presumably want us to resemble him in being able to know; but then most of what we believe might be true even if our minds have developed from those of agwinst lower animals.

Plantinga’s use of R to mean that “the great bulk” of our beliefs are true fails to deal with the cumulative effect of adding beliefs which have variable reliability about different subjects.


Naturalism Defeated?, Essays on Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism

Therefore, to assert that naturalistic evolution is true also asserts that one has a low or unknown probability of being right. But he then asked how the content property of a belief came about: Your objection, Joe, is unusual, challenging instead 3. Thus it seems that when I consider whether Descartes’ Demon exists, it may lead me to doubt the truth of all my other beliefs, but how could it lead me to doubt the existence of the demon itself, for if there were no demon, then obviously there would be no demon to trick me.

Plantinga proposed his “evolutionary argument against naturalism” in Arguments for Theism, Misc in Philosophy of Religion. Find it on Scholar. The Current Status of the Philosophy of Biology.

“An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism&quot

Plantinga asserts that “this doubt arises for naturalists or atheists, but not for those who believe naturalisn God. I highly recommend its use with upper-level undergraduates through faculty. Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism. Lewis popularised it in the first edition of his book Miracles in These are usually the kinds of premises that the naturalist will use to argue empirically that naturalism is true.