html text version of the Ananga Ranga – Chapter 3. (Stage of Love). Ancient Hindu couple performing a sex position from the Ananga Ranga, paint on paper. Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife. Here are the Ananga Ranga positions. We hope that you find this assortment of sexual positions useful and. Kamasutra Articles:: Ananga Ranga Positions:: ( Reads) The Winged Eros – This sex position leaves the man dominating his partner.

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If you used flash media to store sensitive data, it is important to destroy the media. Utkanthita, according to the best poets, is the woman who loves her husband very dearly, whose eyes are light and lively, who has decorated herself with jewels and garlands, well knowing the wishes of her man, and who, burning with desire, awaits his coming, propped up with pillows in a sleeping-apartment appropriated to pleasure, and sumptuously adorned with mirrors and pictures.

Positioms sounds should especially be produced when the husband kisses, bites, and chews his wife’s lower lip; and the sweetness of ranva utterance greatly adds to enjoyment, and promotes the congress of the sexual act. Svadhinapurvapatika is the name given to the wife whose husband instead of gratifying her amorous desires, and studying her carnal wants, engages in the pursuit of rranga knowledge derived from meditation.

The result was that the Englishwoman’s golden hair and beautiful features postiions in some fifty or sixty highly compromising attitudes, and will continue to do so for many a generation to come.

The Vrishabha is known by a Linga of nine fingers in length, or four inches and a half. The nails, when in good condition and properest, for use, are without spots 9 and lines, clean, bright, convex, 10 hard, and unbroken.

At such time, a distaste for further embraces and blandishments becomes manifest; then the wise know that, the paroxysm having taken place, the woman has enjoyed plenary satisfaction; consequently, they refrain from further congress.


Sampatahasta, or patting with the inner part of the hand, which is slightly hollowed for the purpose, like the cobra’s hood. Mushti, or striking gently with the lower or fleshy part of the closed hand; softly hammering, as it were. This idea can hardly exist amongst a people who sensibly burn their dead in fixed places, far removed from the haunts of the living; and amongst Muslims, as well as Hindus, the “goose flesh,” as we call it in our homely way, is a sign of all the passions.

Fifth, when a great pecuniary loss has been sustained. Tarunabhava or Rekha a line is the name given by men conversant with the Kamashastra to nail-marks longer than two or three finger-breadths on the woman’s head, thighs and breasts.

Second, both the eyes.

Madhyodaya-kriya, those which act in. The Syria Files, Files released: But the men do not give the women full satisfaction. Her body is delicate, with girlish aspect, soft and tender.

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The book provides instructions in how a husband can promote the love for his wife through sexual pleasure. Furthermore, there are ten different kinds of kisses, each of which has its own and proper name, and these will be described in due order.

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The author, however, is right according to the most modern rang the best authorities, in asserting that dead white is a bad colour, liable to caries, and easily tarnishing. Vasakasajjita is the word applied by the learned to the wife, who, having spread a soft, fine bed, in a charming apartment, sits upon it at night-time, and awaits her husband, with great expectation, now half closing her eyes, then fixing her glance on the door. Submit documents to WikiLeaks.


Ananga-Ranga Positions

Here end the embracements; they should be closely studied, followed up by proper intelligence of the various modes of kisses, which must accompany and conclude the Alinganas. The Keshagrahana are of four kinds, which positipns be remembered by the 1.

Of a wicked and utterly shameless disposition, she never hesitates to commit sin. However differently from the Kama Sutrawhich presented important insights about Indian social customs, the Ananga Ranga is in its entirety devoted to sex, specially when it comes to sex positions. This extraordinary data set derives from Syria-related entities or domain names, including those of the Ministries of Presidential Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Information, Transport and Culture.

These affect the senses and divert the mind from coyness and coldness.

When the husband, who has been absent for some time, returns home and finds oositions wife sleeping upon the carpet rwnga a solitary bedroom, he fixes his lips upon hers, gradually increasing the pressure until such time as she awakes. Furthermore, be it known to men the peculiar characteristics of the Ashtamahanayika, or the eight great forms of Nayika: This is done by the wife, who, excited with passion, covers her husband’s eyes with her hands, and closing her own eyes, thrusts her tongue into his mouth, moving it to and fro with a motion so pleasant and slow that it at once suggests another and higher form of enjoyment.

Even those who mean rangq often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly. His knees are somewhat crooked, and this distortion may also be observed in the nails of his toes.