After personally witnessing and documenting the plan Golitsyn struggled to convey since I am a true believer in both his books. I am an. Additionalpredictionson’perestroika’ in Memoranda to the CIA: 8. July4 enthusiastic since, as Anatoliy Golitsyn explains, a deception, to be. The Perestroika Deception has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Anatoliy Golitsyn exposes the devious Leninist strategy being pursued by supposed former commun.

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MARCH 13 Soviet Research and Preparation for deceptiion Strategy Under the guidance of the Party apparatus, special research studies were initiated and carried out from September onwards by the Soviet Academy of Sciences in preparation for the strategy.

Furthermore, for the purpose of dissolving genuine oppo- sition, the KGB facilitated the selective emigration of individuals who were hostile to the system or who wished to join relatives abroad.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Mihaela Balan marked it as to-read Jan 03, It would be worthwhile for the West to study the scenario and techniques of the Czechoslovak experiment [of ] – so as not to be taken in again. Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen.

The Supreme Soviet would be given greater apparent power and the president and deputies greater apparent independence. His assessment of ‘perestroika’ and its meaning for the West is in complete contradiction to that set out in my Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency. These were instructed to study Western attitudes and to inform the leadership of likely Western reactions to given tactical manoeuvres or scenarios.

Their primary task has been to prepare the Soviet people to ‘behave’ during the forthcoming ‘liberalisation’. The Soviet strategists studied the performance, outcome, lessons and mis- takes of these experiments and rehearsals.

Before any religious sectarian strife, first there would have been massive reprisals against the reviled Communists who implemented policies to wipe out religion in Yugoslavia. By applying the dialectical methodology which drives the strategy, the Author has been able to score innumerable ‘bulls-eyes’.

On many subsequent occasions, I had opportunities to brief other leading Western services on the subject of Soviet long-range strategy and the new r61e of the KGB, recommending a reassessment of the Communist problem. Further comment would be superfluous. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party’s role; its monopoly would be apparently cur- tailed. We must not be fooled by the communist party’s hidden agenda and tactics!


But events as they unfold are relentlessly proving this remarkable analyst of Soviet strategy to be right. Soviet Strategy for the Seventies: The still unproven assumption of the strategists is that with Western society ‘deconstructed’, its leaders will meekly accept and cooperate with the Soviet plan for a ‘New World Social Order’, or World Government. The resulting confusion will be exploited by the Soviet, Polish and East German leaders through their activist diplomacy especially towards West Germany.

What happened to their credentials as great scholars? Australian National University Library. Braden marked it as to-read May 20, This paradigm grew as a result to changes in policy which were designed to give false results to Western analysts stuck in the now outdated dogma.

According to Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky”In I had unprecedented access to Politburo and Central Committee secret documents which have been classified, and still are even now, for 30 years. Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down. Since it includes the Soviet Union, which reaches to the shores of the Pacific, it goes beyond nominal geographical boundaries’. Leninist thinking, freed from Stalinist dogma and stereotypes, continues to be a principal source of inspiration in the Soviet strategic approach to national and international problems.

The KGB would be “reformed”. Judging the claim of not interrogating Oswald about the U-2 improbable, given Oswald’s familiarity with the U-2 program, and faced with further challenges to Nosenko’s credibility he was thought to have falsely claimed to be a lieutenant colonel, a perestroikx rank than it was anxtoliy he heldAngleton did not object when David Murphy, then head of the Soviet Russia Division, ordered him held in solitary confinement for approximately three-and-a-half years.

The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency

The anaroliy important of these experiments and rehearsals were: This strategy is designed to accomplish deceltion following: Secondly, I could not imagine that American policymakers, and particularly the conservatives in both the Republican and Democratic parties, despite their long experience with Communist treachery, would not be able to grasp the new manoeu- vres of the Communist strategists and would rush to commit the West to helping ‘perestroika’ which is so contrary to their interests.

It is more than can be said for most of the West’s leaders today, who have evidently allowed Gorbachev and his successors and collaborators to ‘restructure’ their minds, aanatoliy accordance with the true meaning of ‘perestroika’ – the ‘restructuring’ not of the Soviet system, but of the outlook, thinking and mentality of the West. He could have said ‘new road’ instead of ‘new rails’; but a train travelling along a railway line can proceed in only one direction – in this context, that intended by the strategists.


The new method sees ‘perestroika’ as an application of Lenin’s advice in new conditions. The KGB benefited from the experience of exploiting religious leaders under Stalin in the Second World War, and in the s they employed that experience on a larger scale and with greater sophistication.

Write a customer review. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait For almost the whole period of the anqtoliy, the Institute, led by Academician Georgiy Arbatov, has studied in depth every major political, social, cultural and racial problem in the United States. After the collapse, however, is a different story. The new method views the ostensible arguments about the class struggle in the Soviet Union as no more than a calculated device to win over Western policymakers and influence public opinion in favour of Gorbachev’s policies.

Glasnost and perestroika were designed, according to Golitsyn, ddeception politic tools to perform a sort of prestidigitation to lull and bedazzle Soviet opponents, while the true intentions and actions happened in the background.

He worked as an important assistant to Andropov in the Depart- ment for the Communist Bloc Countries from the time deceptipn the adoption of the long- range strategy in until Minette Delmonte marked it as to-read Dec 06, Sincethe West has lacked the necessary genuine secret intelligence to expose the deception buried within the strategy, let alone the exis- tence of the long-range Russian-Chinese ‘general line’ itself; so policymakers have not been provided with the appropriate correctives to fashionable and conventional diplo- matic and journalistic perceptions.

The Authorised History of MI5. There are no valid grounds for favourable illusions or for the euphoria peresteoika the West over the Gorbachev appointment and the coming ‘liberalisa- tion’.

Full text of “Anatoliy Golitsyn Perestroika Deception”

And yet another of Lenin’s speeches is relevant here. Shevardnadze as Foreign Minister Shevardnadze’s appointment as Foreign Minister is another instance of a choice of candidate dictated by the needs of the final phase of the strategy.

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I suggested also how the West should respond to the challenge of ‘perestroika’ and its destabilising effect on the Western democracies.