Title: Migren ve Pupil Disfonksiyonu, Epizodik Anizokori ile Prezante Olan Bir Unilateral midriyazis nedenleri arasinda; parasempatik denervasyon (III. sinir. Anizokori disseksiyon internal karotis arter; Language of Keywords: English; genç hastalarda akut arteryel iskemik infarktın en sık nedenlerinden biri olup. See Tweets about #anizokoriekşi on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

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The diameter of pupils in room light, bright light and in darkness, light-near dissociation and anizzokori afferent pupillary defect should be examined.

EBSCOhost | | Travma Sonrası Geç Dönemde Gelişen Anizokori.

In this article, we would like to present a patient with migraine headache and episodic anisocoria and further discuss the possible pathophysiology of this nresentation. The most common etiology that leads to unilateral miosis include sympathetic denervation Horner syndromepharmacological nedenelri and iridocyclitis.

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Migren ve Pupil Disfonksiyonu, Epizodik Anizokori ile Prezante Olan Bir BaŞ Agnsi Olgusu.

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Effecting Factors of Outcome in Head Injury []

The users may send this information to the website through forms if they would like to. Pupil; anisocoria; pupil disorders.: Possible etiologies for unilateral midriasis include parasympathetic denervation CN III palsyAdie’s tonic pupil, traumatic and pharmacological mydriasis and acute glocoma crises.

This abstract may be abridged. Marketing Sales-Project Department Phone: The most common causes of increased anizokogi in darkness are Horner syndrome and physiologic anisocoria, while tonic pupil or oculomotor nerve palsy should be considered in a patient with increased anisocoria in bright light.

A careful neuro-ophthalmological exam and differential diagnosis is warranted in patients who present with anisocoria.

Travma Sonrası Geç Dönemde Gelişen Anizokori.

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Migraine and pupillary dysfunction, the presentation of episodic anisocoria in a patient with migraine headache Anisocoria is pupil’s asymmetrical reaction to light.

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