So, I have always wondered about the Annic Nova from Double Adventures 2. Has anyone ever played through it and fleshed out who the. Has anyone statted up the ANNIC NOVA under our Traveller rules? Just wanting to see if anyone has already done it before I duplicate effort:). Traveller Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova is a role-playing game adventure for Traveller published by Game Designers’ Workshop.

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This article is missing content for one or more detailed sections. Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard.

They don’t know that yet! I don’t think anyone’s ever managed to stat her up under Classic Traveller rules, never mind Mongoose! Actually this won’t work in the MGT universe. Views Read Ajnic View history. Matthew Sprange Mongoose Publishing http: The ship is not streamlined. Trying to remove it risked electrocution of course. This adventure nnova with a pyramid structure complex on the surface of Yorbund Spinward Marcheswhich the travellers encounter and investigate after spotting it on scanners from orbit on the mostly unexplored world.

Sean’s Gallery: Annic Nova

Cargo Totals: It is a civilian ship and a Far Trader. If anything it should be slightly more alien. Same complexity, but bova and more expensive. Aside from giving the characters a free ship it seemed like a weird adventure Using an unorthodox ton frame and hull, Actually displaces tons Who is online Users browsing this forum: Due to the nature of the ship, I deemed cost not to be worth the effort of calculating.



TL 16 rechargeable Energy Bank ,MW This assumes a nkva of ,MW to run the jump drives for 14 days, ,MW to power the lasers for a total of shots each, and ,MW to power other ship functions for 60 days. This page was last modified on 5 Decemberat All GT components have had their Fusion slice removed.

This article has Metadata. Privacy policy About Traveller Disclaimers. The information was sketchy as follows:. The tech level of the vessel is not known, though a minimum of TL can be guessed at due to the jump capability of one of the anmic jump drives.

Jump capacity is rated for dtons. Two 40 ton pinnaces travel in trailing positions. To recharge, it takes 1 day to recharge 3 days power use. So a battery-powered starship won’t be able to jump unless somebody else is supplying it with drop tanks This page was last modified on 4 Decemberat Two single annid each mount a single laser cannon.

Content is available under Traveller Copyright. Retrieved from ” http: Each holds 12 tons of fuel?


The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. In original Traveller fuel was consumed to generate power, which was channeled into the jump drive Lanthanum? A stellar collector absorbs and collects energy for internal power and jump drives. Annic Nova was one of the few pre-Imperium adventures and was intentionally left open so it could be plugged into your own setting easier. I always tend to change mass requirements for things as they move away from imperial norm.

Aparrently the external grapples will not support the stress. One is equipped to carry four passengers for relatively long annkc of time; the other can shutle up to 16 passengers or 12 tons of cargo.

The Annic Nova class Far Trader is a relic from an earlier time. Standard cargo capacity amounts to Unknown tons.

I always run it with unlit rooms that upon closer inspection are actually lit in infra-red light. I have stuck with the old fusion reaction use of hydrogen to power jump so it does work for my OTU Includes Hi-res holo display.