The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales is a remarkable treasure trove, a work that tales of childhood and presents them through the vision of Maria Tatar, a leading . Tatar M. The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. New York: W. W. Norton & Co.; Booktopia has The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales, The Annotated Books by Maria Tatar. Buy a discounted Hardcover of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales.

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One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. Apr 28, Allison rated it really liked it Shelves: Most of us probably know a good many, but perhaps not all that Tatar includes here. The commentary is as fascinating as the stories and art in this large-size collection of 26 classic, mainly European, fairy tales, which have been newly translated in an immediate colloquial style.

What keeps them alive and pulsing with vitality and matia is exactly what keeps life pulsing: It is not as annoated to the seriously curious as Tatar’s primarily scholarly works – she is one of the most acute commentators now working. I was there at Xmas time, with family, on a trip to watch my niece compete in cheerleading nationals at annnotated Opryland Hotel.

I didn’t know I was missing out on so much. Four appendixes enrich the book: I decided to start with fairy tales. Angela Mariz wrote great, modern, authored fairy tales because she wrote them out of her own fantasies or so she said.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. By Maria Tat – Ethnologies – Érudit

These illustrations are magnificently detailed and lovingly drawn. Aug 27, Sinar rated it it was amazing Fatar She was always indignant at the idea that the world of folktales offered no images of resourceful females – and if she added a talrs of her own, like the heroine’s mother who rides in to Bluebeard’s castle on a carthorse, she did it with verve and sinister pleasure. Take a good look at what’s going on, and remember that some like Perrault “tided” up older versions. It is exactly the sort of book that has really interesting and well researched information on each of these stories.


We recognise that these tales are endless shape-shifters, within definite bounds.

If you’d like to know the story behind the tale I think you’d really enjoy this edition of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. Nov 02, Abbi Dion rated it it was amazing. But it does contain almost all the tales which haunted me from my wartime childhood and annotayed is a thing of beauty.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales is a remarkable treasure trove, a work that celebrates the best-loved tales of childhood and presents them through the vision of Maria Tatar, a leading authority in the field of folklore and children’s literature.

A refreshing review for anyone who’s interested in this genre but hasn’t read any for a while!

Not since Bruno Bettelheim’s The Uses of Enchantment has there been such an illuminating contribution to the world of children’s fairy tales. What has kept them alive over the centuries is exactly what keeps life pulsing with vitality and variety: I like his account because it corresponds to my ancient memories of struggling with the precious atmosphere created by Perrault, or the contrast between the Grimms’ occasional sanctimoniousness and their matter-of-fact bloodiness – or worst of all the sense of violation I felt from the sado-masochistic manipulations of the Master, Hans Andersen, who set me against Christianity before I could think clearly about it.

Remembering them is like remembering our first taste of sugar crystals, or avocado, or vanilla. Norton’s privacy policy and terms of use.

As the stories made their way to annotate nursery, they were cleaned up. Jun 24, Amy Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: The appendices contain some alternate versions of tales and an extensive bibliography.

Telling tales

East of annotater Sun, West of the Moon is simply beautiful there’s a fantastic retelling in novel called East, but I’m forgetting the author’s name and one of the rare fairry where the girl isn’t in need of rescue but does the rescuing.


Don’t fall asleep cuddling this book. I really enjoyed reading these fairy tales that I remember from my childhood The book includes many of the original illustrations which are mesmerizing.

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I think this is simply an excellent book for someone who would like hales know more about faerytales and perhaps doesn’t know where to cairy or how to start looking into their history as there are a good many books out there.

Yet the Grimms’ stories do not escape the interpretive challenges posed by narratives that blend multiple voices and discourses. Library Journal Review The publisher, which has had great success with its series of annotated children’s books e.

Donkeyskin is horrific with it’s theme of incest I don’t see Disney doing that any time soon, but Robin McKinley’s book Deerskin is excellent. It was a bit too gross. In fact, his initial response was: All the great collectors of folktales, from the Italians, Basile and Straparola, through Perrault to the Grimms, introduced authorial voices and habits of mind. Orenstein accepts the assumption that Red Riding Hood and Cinderella were originally role models – and largely accepts the modern assumption that heroines of tales were passive, sweet, instruments of male fates and objects of male desires.

A jewel in the collection, really. In The European Folktale the Swiss scholar Max Luthi gives one of the best descriptions of the essential qualities of the tale as opposed to the myth, or the legend, or the authored fantasy for children or adults.

It has footnotes and variants of some tales and parts of tales, biographies of writers and illustrators, and an excellent bibliography of further reading.

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