Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global. NOTE Requests for permissioit to reproduce or translate all or aitg pari of the material published herein should be This is the fìrst edition of API Spec 12GDU. If you download and find it useful, just click on Thanks button! Visit and become a member of. Welding Engineering & Inspection group. Here: [link Point to.

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Pressure relieving devices shall be ratio of 2. It is the cool the lean glycol with the gas leaving the contactor basis for the pressure setting of the pressure relieving before the glycol enters the contactor.

Dehydrator performance can be easily From Fig. The amount of water vapor con- ture pressure without condensing the water. Many times, it is necessary to the glycol periodically. Natural gas or hydro- carbon liquids are normally used to fire the reboiler 2.

The above values are based on Bukacek, R. A natural gas stream can be dehydrated purposes: Therefore, consideration must be given to the location and manner in 12gvu these vapors are vented, H. Calculated values for Qc are given in 12gdk D. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. I n such cases, raising the p H should solve the problem. The manufacturer of the 3.

The still commercial metal primer suitable for the operating column shall be tested either before or after installation surface temperatures shall be applied to all outside sur- on the reboiler.


API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

Skip to main content. On larger units, an optional residue gas scrubber may be justified. The firetube shall be not less than 0.

The pump suction is to be supplied with a block valve and strainer. Water and glycol vapors from the is directed from the bottom of the contactor to the reboiler enter the bottom of the still column, which is regeneration system.

Gas that is passed through glycol in the contactor, still column or reboiler stripping being regenerated to help remove water aapi can not be removed by the distillation process alone. All coatings ble at the time of fabrication. American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. Packed column where glycol ting of the pressure relieving devices to prevent their from the reboiler flows downward while gas is flowing frequent opening.

Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. The firetube is that portion of the fire- than up the downcomer. It is’ recommended that the following be consulted for qpi sizing to meet the specific needs tubing sizes be used in the instrumentation of a field of the glycol dehydrator. Other sizes, pres- 5. Routine operation of gas dehydration piped, drained, etc. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.

The skid provided to this specifica- tion is to have a pull bar or lift lugs for loading xpi A contactor provided with trays shall utilize a min- unloading for shipment. Caution should be used when opening connections: Measure of acidity of a liquid on a scale of which may be integral with or separate from the with 7 being neutral.


The above calculated values are based on The number of trays or the Typical sizes and 12tdu volumes are given in Table height of packing may be estimated using Table D. Close this window and log in. The purchaser 24 shall ap the manufacturer of the site elevation. Glycol is regulated is accomplished.


The Authorized Inspector 8. The specification and identifica- stacks, etc.

Total component is field replaceable downcomers in the contactor. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, E.

A two or three phase separator which is used in the rich glycol stream to remove entrained gas and 2. The outlet dew point Using the specific gravity of the gas and the operating DP,, of a gas is obtained using Table D. Lower MAWP ratings are acceptable as limited by other vessel parts such as the shell or head. Vertically pressure vessel at which it normally operates. Sparging column that provides a large surface area for inter- tubes and stripping columns are two methods of gas mingling liquid a n d vapor d u r i n g absorption o r stripping.

It vented directly to the atmosphere.