To bring a little context here: Aquelarre is the oldest Spanish RPG, from . It includes “Rerum Demoni” (Hell, the demons and their hierarchy). Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark & mature Rerum Demoni · Rerum Demoni. I am a big fan of everything Aquelarre, so I want to get it totally right. So they fall in love with it also. I will definently visit the G+ and Rerum Demoni site!:D Thank.

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But this book does not only drink from the Decameron: It also has a place for the magic that can get to know people. Aqulearre in english, Kickstarter Campaign. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. Another pages that closed that era of the spanish publishing of Aquelarre.

Finally, we must mention for the most diehard fans of the game that the last adventure of the book is the Ultima Necat campaign, the first part of which many rdrum were patrons of the third edition of Aquelarre will know, as they were presented with it at that time to test it and send us their feedback You’ll find the names of those who played and reported back to us in the credits.

Translate Show original text. Only they lacked dice and a game manual, but surely any reader demkni those non-essential accessories. Some tried to tame the folding beast, some like me opted for a workaround.

Rerum demoni, among other things, contains a detailed description of the Older Demons; an Infernal Bestiary, a new list of spells and a full campaign ready to play: Authors themselves had expressed clearly that this one is a hard, difficult and deadly campaign. Blame it on a smaller print. I’ve taken a couple captures from both PDFs. That you reclude yourselves in a villa and all is an option that is beyond our reach.

The common people, “The Big Asshole.

What began being a supplement-to-the-expansion Rinascita that allowed to play Aquelarre in the RenaissanceVilla y Corte walked players into Madrid, rreum spanish capital, and the people that lived there in the XVII century, the Spanish Golden Age https: Unable to load more. Post has shared content.


P I can’t put it right on the shared post, just on the original one: But they didn’t just reprint the existing one, but redesigned it with a new layout some tables have been removed and some have been added and addressed what was considered by most GMs as a serious flaw in the existing one.

So, if you backed the english version, know for sure that its roots are deep and sound. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: And don’t forget about that gorgeous screen And If you didn’t, you should look forward to get you copy: Aqhelarre its pages you will also find detailed appendices on the Asturias and Castile of the fourteenth century with which to complete this cyclical journey that no one in the peninsula can escape.

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Magice, Rerum Demonii est. But let us not delude ourselves. One of them is Retorno a Rincon “Return to the Nook”. This book is a supplement for Aquelarre, the demonic medieval roleplaying game and can not be played without it. Like Boccaccio’s book, our Decameron is a collection of adventures that we hope you want and can tell on your table, and although they are not one hundred, we believe they provide enough hours of fun. Tell us about you. Looking forward to it.

Originally shared by Xataka. Unboxing Aquelarre aqeularre edition in spanish. Affected by the war between humans, the immemorial conflict between light and darkness will be accentuated as never before.


Very cool- having backed Aquelarre, and also a big fan of alatriste, I am excited to learn about Villa y Corte. Looks like you’ve reached the end. It aquelxrre an inspiring review of their traditions and beliefs, from the customs of the vulgar to the routines of crafts, without neglecting what is said about witches and the Devil.

Index All Recent Guidelines. Anyway, the old-paper-looking background fits the atmosphere of Arturic era. Relatively speaking, what these young people did was to roleplay; they narrated their stories, were amused listening them and all took turns to participate in the entertainment.


Educated satanists of the Renaissance, Leonardo. You can compare yourself While we will have to patiently wait for the english edition of Aquelarre to steer clear of the pebbles on the road, those able to enjoy the original spanish one will be pleased with a handful of incoming titles.

The original spanish edition. The little ones, the less powerful, capable of doing awuelarre simple things, like destroying armies, causing epidemics or cancel hopelessly innocents. It is a collection of adventure mixed with historical articles by the title of Lilitha book that has already become essential of the hispanic roleplaying, like its content.

And, like that book, this supplement presents a series of adventures mixed with historical annexes on the one hand, that expand the topics covered in the adventures and on the other, offer new professions, spells and creatures that you can use in your own Aquelarre games. The bestiary of the game is extended and more rrerum twenty popular legends are sown, each accompanied by advice to turn them into exciting adventures.

Aquelarre RPG [in English] – Google+

Don’t just consider it! This supplement also speaks of the “other” demons. I hope it sees an English translation. Aquelarre RPG [in English]. It’ll be worth it. Another ten adventures that together integrate a campaign set around the Crown of Aragon, that by the time of Aquelarre had spread all around the Mediterranean, from the spanish shores to the south of Italy and most Greece, plus lots of source material about the catalan folklore and There’s a third WIP.

Plus, it will include new incredible art as we’ve been accustomed to in Aquelarre.