Das Armeebuch Waldelfen 6. Edition ist am 3. August erschienen – über 5 Jahre nach der Einführung der 6. Regeledition. August erscheint das neue Armeebuch Waldelfen. Mit ihm beginnt eine neue Ära für alle Spieler dieses zurückgezogenen Volkes, denn es. Waldelfen Armeebuch – Wood Elves / 8. Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Orks und Goblins 8. Warhammer Skaven, -Armeebuch -, Games Workshop.

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Both cost the same points. Can only have a champion. Sword staffs work pretty much as reported, working as spears and 2 hand weapons. Sprites Like magic items only one per army can be choosen. Counts as a spear, if you wound someone they are at -1 to hit for the rest of that phase Notes – next!

If they fail they take D3 wounds. Notes – Less spell lists to choose, no bonus’s in casting, higher points cost, unicorn much less useful. A lamentation of despairs.

Notes – Well you can have a wardancer general now. Wand of wych elm, seems ariel lends out her staff now.

A blight of terrors. The Royal Standard of Ariel. You can’t wear any armour and can only use magic weapons which are wardancer weapons theirs only one. Its cast on a friendly unit within 18 walelfen. Notes – I wouldn’t bother. Ariel only just managed to fend him and his dryads off, and he was imprisoned in the Southeast forest.

It again as 18 inch range and is cast on a friendly unit.

Waldelfen – Page 4 – Hellhound

You also get all the same funky rules that the wild riders get. Fast cav, is a bit of a double edged sword. Notes – compaired to staff of change its pants. Notes – Made at the athel loren wzldelfen production factory tm.


Enemies broken in combat when fleeing role on less dice when working out distance. Armeeebuch unit can have magical standard up to 25 points.

Kindreds are formed around a core belief and ideology, and from this they take their name, but even amongst these kindreds there may be differences, but in general they will share the combat methodologies, skills etc. The only kindred that is afmeebuch strict in it’s doctrine is the Wardancer kindred.

One unit can have a magical banner up to 50 points. Und kein Rossharnisch halt.

Waldelfen – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

Notes – Don’t bother, take one of the next to items instead. They can also be level 1 mages for the cost of 2 scrolls. For the cost of an old dryad. Targeting works the same as a treemans new attack. Some Elves go missing, supposedly lured to their doom by ethereal nymphs, but Athel Loren appears to tolerate the presence of the Elves provided they do not stray to far into it’s depths.

Notes – Not bad really, but there are much better items. Notes – really don’t bother. Certainly Brettonnian peasants who live near Athel Loren live in near constant fear of the Asrai, and see them more as boogeymen rather than protectors.

Light armour again, for the cost of an old wardancers, you get -1 to hit when shooting, which ups to -2 when your in a wood. Ich wollte mein Post auch mit “Oh, Mann. Notes – Nice item for a mage lord to have to avoid nasty miscasts.


The shaky truce between the Brettonians and the Asrai continues for many years, until formalised in by Gilles’ son, Louis the Rash. Yes they have got killing blow at short range, but have lost all of their special in wood rules. Brettonia In the yearthe Asrai aremebuch Naieth scried into the future, and saw that the fates of the Asrai and the fledgeling Brettoni people were entwined.

Notes – rattling gun killer. Notes – with the items and stuff, which I will get to in a moment, can be surprisingly hard and durable. Orks in the Warhammer 40, universe by Bryan Ansell Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 6 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Stillman, Nigel

Same its no where near as good as it armeebych. And you may not have more units of scouts than glade guard. Most of his special rules are still there, large target, scaly skin, terror and tree singing but only bound level 3 now. Notes – Nice effective banner, I just never expect to ever see it used. Notes – I’m sorry but does this item sound to good for its points? Can have a great weapon. Ok we can teach armeebuc damsels to learn life and beasts magic, but we can’t teach or own level 1 and 2 mages to use it.

So what have we been left with?