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The third is to touch.

Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love by Nun Gavrilia (the)

When you have thought of critcism. Why should we lose our profit? Only when the person stops reading otherbooks except the Gospel does he begin to make real interior progress.

Kimberly Anna rated it it was amazing Jun 12, They said to me once in England: Between and she traveled in the mission field of East Africa, in Europe, including visiting old friends and spiritual fathers Lev Gillet and Sophrony of Essex.

Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Jun 03, It’s not something that should be in words, neither in thought. This page was last edited on February 12,at And such a joy comes into our life, that many do not understand even if they are close to us; What is all this!


The other day a lady asked me what would happen with the ‘toll booths’ after death.

I forgot to tell you. I really enjoyed the first part. One night they sent me a message: In the beginning of our life we have need of the presence of another to love or befriend. Bridgetbearboo rated it it was amazing Aug 14, I read again and again and again in the Gospels, and I see something strange.


Through all my life it has been like that. So that we see only the other and love only the other.

Mother Gavrilia by Nun Gavrilia

Anna rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Debmil rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Whoever lives in the past is as if dead. She always, through the message of the Holy Spirit-alive in her, has a word or two about your struggles. As always, I find garvilia about people especially missionaries who totally put their life into God’s hands to be very helpful for my own spiritual encouragement.

With these five languages you can travel the whole earth, and all the world is yours. Danos Aptalidis rated asctic did not like it Oct 30, Theodosius was somewhat surprised to find that she could read liturgical Greek. And so that we see ourselves only in the eyes of the Other.


Virgin Mary of the castle ,Leros Island ,Greece. When in truth we appreciate the gifts which God gives us, we don’t have time to seek anything else. It is enough that He sees you are willing to do His command. The Lord said to His disciples: It can be humorous to know she has been there and done that, or it can be tense and shameful depending on how you embrace your ascehic life. Gerontissa Gabrielia asscetic from this world on March 28, having never built a monastery.

Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She spent forty days in the hospital, leaving during Holy Week and receiving Holy Communion on Pascha. This page has been accessed 47, times.