Find out all of the information about the ASCON TECNOLOGIC S.r.l product: digital temperature regulator / programmable / PID / process M5. Contact a supplier. CE compatibility, ASCON is ISO certified, 3 years warranty. Technical M5. Setpoint. Tuning. One shot. Auto tuning. Adaptive. Operating mode. PV/SP. Find great deals for Ascon M Controller 24v. 5e. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The quickest and most cost effective solution to your problem is often our Service Exchange service. At power on the Adaptive Tune starts automatically.

In case of failure it is suggested to return the instrument zscon the manufacturer for repair. OP Heat control output see Table 6 s. The complete code is displayed on the instrument label. Op Soft start of the control output It specifies the value at which the control output is set during the start up phase.

The following table gives you a general description of how we intend to protect your personal data.

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Id Alarm 1 hysteresis asymmetric upper If the slope parameter is set to zero the Setpoint variation occurs instantaneously. Setting 1, the overshoot control is disabled.

H 50 A B C D With this procedure, simple and fast, up ascin 10 parameters, selected through the fast view see par 4. The maximum number of fast parameters is Ethernet switches and Power supply.

Op Control output high limit Cool output high limit It specifies the maximum value the control output can be set. The minimum span sp1-sp2 must be greater than digit.

It is applied in manual mode, too. The adcon Setpoint is defined as target Setpoint. Group of parameters pId Menu Parameters All the information and warnings about safety and electromagnetic compatibility are marked with the B sign, at the side of the note. M5 UK-ed6 If you have any questions about the use of your personal data, or if you want to revoke the permission for the recording of your personal data, you can contact us via 5m klemsan.


Local Setpoint SL with an external Trim with multiplying coeff. A When the distance between the controller and the sensor is 15 meters, using a cable of 1.

The acknowledge operation consists in pressing any key. The activation of the function through the digital input has the highest priority than through the keyboard or through the serial communication.

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Asfon this function is in progress, the calculated values are visible in the Tuning menu but cannot be modified. One shot Tune- step response sacon for calculating the P. IP 20 Termination Unit Sscon – 1 IEC – 1 Before proceeding with the installation of this controller, follow the instructions illustrated in this manual and, particularly the installation precautions marked with the B symbol, related to the European Community directive on electrical protection and electromagnetic compatibility.

Protection of personal data is very important, especially considering that the internet based business models and internet based economies are currently being developed for future use.

When the parameter is Offthis function is disabled and the new Setpoint value is reached immediately after being entered through the keyboard, the digital inputs and the serial communication. C Integral Time Cool integral Time It is the integral time value, that specifies the time required by the integral term to generate an output equivalent to the proportional term When Off the integral term is not asco in the control algorithm.


Klemsan intends in this data protection statement, to take every precaution to protect the personal data of individuals. State of the art workshops.

Tempatron – Ascon M5 Process Controller Setpoint Programmer

The power supply switch shall be easily accessible from the operator. Avoid to use electromagnetic contactors, power relays and high power motors nearby.

Onsite Services – We will send our onsite engineers to your work to assess and diagnose the fault.

Once calculated the terms values are immediately used in the control algorithm. Code read Hide Code AItr fast read Hide Access level The parameters in the access level Visible fast are recalled on the front panel through the procedure of fast parameter access illustrated in par.

Target Setpoint value local mode only not displayed if the Slopes are disabled At this point, the user must enter the threshold value, according to the wscon table.

In this case, the programs continue with PV reaching SV with a qscon, whose slope corresponds to the one of the segment running at the power off. It is deactivated by setting the input to the Off state. M5 The information ason product coding are accessible from the front panel by mean of a particular procedure described at section 5.

They are organised in functionally homogeneous groups, like: C Derivative Time Cool Derivative Time It is the derivative term coefficient that specifies the time required by the ascob term P to reach the level of D. Copyright Klemsan A. It extends the product range and production capacity every day Continue.