At a Journal Workshop has ratings and 26 reviews. Ann M said: It’s really wordy — so many extra words to say the least little thing that it’s distra. The intensive journal method is a psychotherapeutic technique largely developed in at Drew University and popularized by Ira Progoff (– ). At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progoff, The Practice of Process Meditation by Ira. All quotes in this article are from Progoff’s book At a Journal Workshop: Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious and Evoke Create Ability, written in

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When you are ready, record them. Jun 19, Kathy Hardy rated it it was amazing. It is rather like the King James Version of journal-writing books — long, complex and challenging — the source of many of the most enduring and useful concepts in the field.

His method is a ground-up approach to ‘therapy’ – that is, you don’t get ‘s of pages saying what one might or may encounter wrt to Inner Work – you do get a method which allows inner content to become conscious. Then make entries in other appropriate sections as thoughts and insights arise. Beginning to Work with Our Dreams This atmosphere of meditative silence provides an environment which helps people search deep within themselves, and tune into a larger awareness.

Think back over the past 24 hours and trace moods, concerns and thoughts. I recently pulled it off my sh I had purchased a copy of this book years ago, at a time in my life when I thought that the rigorous methodology of journal writing described would be of benefit to me.

I do at times use some of his meditation ideas for my writing, and have begun to organise all my stray notes by the Progoff categories. This rich, insightful work is a treasure for all those involved in self-inquiry, artistic creation and spiritual renewal.


Jan 12, Maureen rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 28, Reuel rated it liked it. This book is for you. I’m writing with Christina Baldwin’s Life’s Companion: Preparing for Your Journal Work 1. The method developed by Progoff was an excellent introspection on the basics of my personality, my defects, my strenghts, to heal some of my wounds.

Spiritual Steppingstones and Inner Wisdom Dialogue I read it once and then took the workshop It draws on the wisdom of the unconscious, and it delivers brilliantly.

workshp Read it Forward Read it first. List the steppingstones in the life of this work as if it were a person; speak to it and let it respond. Dialogue with the Body Dec 24, Maxine rated it did not like it. Begin by making entries in the first four sections. I’ve started my journal work using Progoff’s method for the second time.

At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progroff | : Books

I rated this 4 stars, however, because in other life situations I believe this method would be extremely beneficial, and well worth the efforts required. The method is complex, and a great deal of commitment is required; in my situation I don’t workehop sufficient benefits. This is a place for collecting past experiences without judgment or interpretation. Interesting book on the journal ethic. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Too full of “big words” that could have been written in a way that the lay person could understand.

At a Journal Workshop

workshpp Interesting, but at this point in my life I’m not sure I would delve into a program like this again. Progof The former director of Dialogue House, Dr.


Jung, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, as well as journal writing. Perhaps it would be more useful jpurnal I attend one of the courses around which the book is based.

The 3 stars are how I feel about it right now. Mar 15, Alison Whiteman rated it it was amazing. Dialogue with Events, Situations, and Circumstances This is an ongoing record of what is happening to you, and an important way to track your awareness. I did not finish the book at that time, nor did I undertake to follow the methodology; both for unrelated reasons. It is very important to stay as long as neccesary in the first two parts of the book to really understand the scope of the tool.

The Open Moment Part 7: Dialogue with the body, a part of the body, a symptom, a condition, a feeling. I have no idea except I’m still writing and doing lots of things. I would enjoy attending more workshops in the future.

Nevertheless, I believe that keeping a journal is highly beneficial, and liked many of the author’s ideas.

About At a Journal Workshop What would you like your life to be?

Intensive journal method – Wikipedia

Apr 29, Anne rated it liked it. No where on the cover or book description did it indicate that Christianity would be shoved down my throat constantly. About Ira Progoff Since the s, Ira Progoff has been exploring psychological methods for wrkshop and spiritual experience with social applications.