ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . STANDARDATV-DVWK-A EDimensioning of This ATV Standard has been elaborated by the ATV-DVWK Specialist Committees KA 5 and. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition /

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The residual pollution of 131r effluent of the secondary settling tank is, in a large part, caused by dissolved and colloidal matter and in part by suspended activated sludge solids.

The correct assumption of the sludge volume index is of particular significance for dimensioning. As the occurrence of Michrothrix Parvicella has not up until now been mastered, a possibility for the removal of the scum should be planned as a preventative measure.

The relevant loads for periods with relevant wastewater temperatures, are made up as mean value of a period of time, which corresponds with the sludge age. With the rotation of the rollers, following contact It can be an advantage to feed back from the efflu- with the wastewater on immersion, there is respec- ent of the last rotating biological contactor into the tively an aeration phase above the water level.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

The re- avoid too heavy a cooling in winter the air open- quirements on characteristics, testing and installa- ings should be constructed so that they are ca- tion of the mineral filling are summarised in DIN pable of being reduced. With vertical flow settling tanks see Fig. However, it is pointed out that, using selectors, the growth of filamentous organisms is not controllable in all cases. The inflowing mixture of wastewater and activated sludge must be distributed as evenly as possible in the inlet area and discharged horizontally into the separation zone or into the density flow and storage zone respectively.


DWA Shop – Software Activated Sludge Expert

Further the surface loading rate of the secondary settling planning aspects of construction and design, for tank may not exceed 0. The thickening and sludge removal zone must be large enough so that the influent sludge load, having tav suspended solids concentration of SSEAT, within the thickening time tTh can be thickened to the bottom sludge concentration SSBS. The lower side of the submerged cylinder should end above the thickening zone, advisable is the centre of the storage zone.

Outside the inlet area, above the density flow and storage area, lies the return flow zone in which, due to continuity equation, wastewater with a low tav solids concentration flows back into the inlet area; as safety zone this includes the s water zone. With intermittent aeration there is then frequent on-off switching of the aeration device.


Two rows of sludge hoppers, aa by a certain distance less than half of the tank lengthare advisable with lengths over 40 m. The pilot plants for this are to be established at least on a semi-technical scale and are to be operated under practice-oriented operating conditions for not shorter than half a year with the inclusion of the cold season.

Taking into account the dilution ratio the diluted sludge volume DSV is obtained. If, in winter, the anaerobic volume is used for denitrification, then during this period a lower biological excess phosphorus removal will establish. As a rule, more or less anaerobic processes occur in sludge at for aerobic stabilised sludge. 131r order to vdwk a too high recirculation and thus a high oxygen transfer to the denitrification zone, a throttling or, better, remote control is sensible.

Inlets The design of the inlet influences the separation performance in secondary settling tanks substantially. Channels and pump sumps for the collection of the activated sludge are useful for the emptying of tanks.


This calls for the measurement of the appropriate diurnal load fluctuations. For this, according to precedents, there exists an actual presumption that it is textually and technically correct and also generally recognised.


The oxygen transfer is to be determined for all relevant loading conditions. The peak factor fN is equivalent to the ratio of the TKN load in the 2 h peak to the 24 h average load. As a continuous sludge recirculation is not necessary with trickling filters and rotating biologi- cal contactors, at most simple sludge scrapers sur- fice even with rectangular tanks.

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This applies above all for percentage to all loads from the wastewater. On the other hand the sludge thickens better the higher the sludge layer is and the longer the retention time of the sludge in this layer is. Korrespondenz Abwasser 42and 44 For other sources of carbon the COD and, if necessary, the denitrification capacity, are to be determined in advance.

The loading of internal return flows e. The sludge removal system must be dimensioned that the permitted thickening time is not exceeded. Korrespondenz Abwasser 44and 45 For rea- cation as a rule only small conversion measures dvvwk of safety it is recommended that the nitrogen and an appropriate afv are required.

With preliminary precipita- cal reactor with the treated wastewater, from the tion an undersupply of the fixed bed biology with wastewater. Nitrogen removal procedures step-feed denitrification process: In accord with the requirements under water law, the structural and operating requirements and the sensitivity of the surface waters the planning through parallel units, reserve equipment etc. Kayser, Braunschweig Chairman Dipl. Guidance values for 131w design of sludge scrapers can be taken from Table The volume of an aerobic selector VSel or of atf anaerobic mixing tank for phosphorus removal VBioP is considered not to be a part of the biological reactor VBB.