Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. Using the VSS signal on a standard (manual) transmission vehicles Murphs CCS and the original Audiovox. only, and is not intended to replace the CCS Installation Manual. Manual, for those persons that choose to install the CCS cruise. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual Audiovox CCS Automobile Accessories User Manual. Page 1.

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Brake information comes from the red and purple wires connected to the vehicle’s brake switch. For automobiles, you can use any vacuum source with the exception of the vacuum line running to your power brake booster. Test that the cruise shuts off with either brake. Pursuit series keyless entry alarm upgrade module 8 pages.

Audiovox CCS-100 Automobile Accessories User Manual

This generates electrical pulses which audiovlx monitored by the cruise control. Turn on the cruise at the Cruise Control Keypad. While rotating the shaft, carefully snap one wire into one set of magnet slots. You can also use a digital VOM to find this wire. Way too much slack and the cruise may not respond at all and the chance of the bead chain hanging on something audiovoz Grab onto the cruise control servo cable with a pair of pliers and pull on it.

Audiovox CCS-100 Installation Manual

The problem is with the installation or the installer. Routing the Main Wiring Harness 1. Your taillight brake wire color will be different.


Seal off the end off the vacuum line to the engine with you finger. Just search for your vehicle ccs cruise control installation or your vehicle cruise control.

This is a trial and error process. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Audiovox Automobile Accessories CCS User Guide |

If 5 it sticks, fix it before you ride. Got it, continue to print. Leave the servo in this area unmounted and route cable to throttle attachment area. When you press on either brake the Ccs-1000 LED should be continuously lit. The Red Led should go out when you release the brakes. Switched power is a circuit that is on only when the ignition key is turned on. The negative mankal of the coil wire color or the vehicle tachometer wire color.

Should the throttle ever stick, pull in the clutch first then hit the kill switch. We suggest you buy one when you get your cruise control to use at least temporally for initial testing.

If you do, then you have Vacuum and you can reinstall the vacuum line to the Vacuum canister. Test for tachometer signal: Some have reported problems holding speed at high altitudes with the original CCS due to lower vacuum at high altitudes.


If you are doing an installation on a motorcycle or standard transmission automobile without the benefit of following written instructions for your vehicle, start with these settings: The cruise should hold speed. The Cruise servo cable uses engine vacuum to move your throttle. If you are installing the cruise in an automobile it also shows you several methods of attaching the cruise control cable and how cxs-100 use the accessory VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor connections.


Loosely wrap the wire to hold it in place.

If you already have a SPDT relay in the brake circuit, either you have the wrong relay or you have it connected wrong. This is the connection that shuts the cruise off when audoivox press on either brake.

With the bike off but the cruise on: Disengagement and no-engagement decisions are based on the monitored information.

If not, see the troubleshooting section below: Installation Tips Cruise Control Keypad: You can always shut the cruise off by turning the cruise off at the control keypad. With the motorcycle off, turn the throttle to full open several times to verify that the throttle does manyal stick. The motorcycle taillight brake wire color of Blue with a Red Stripe before the connector and solid Blue after the connector is for a Kawasaki C14 only.

After you have everything hooked up, verify proper operation of the Servo by removing the plate on the Servo housing where the wiring harness is installed.