Aug 8, Rec: Balancing Karma Title: Balancing Karma Author: I.D. Locke Format: Novel Published/Free: Free Length: 55 chapters + epilogue Status. Yay, finished at last, hard reading this all on-line.. Sweet tale of interplanetary m/ m romance. Could have done without the dolls and cartoons, I would rather. I.D. Locke’s author page. Karma has it in for Moswen. OUT OF PRINT, but free on ID Locke’s website Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are.

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As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. There was one scene with a pregnant man and his partner was female, it wasn’t told if she was dual, balqncing it got me wondering: Balancing Karma is a wild ride through the universe where all laws including gender seem to be bendable.

I.D. Locke

Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. The significance of touching in Moswen’s culture was really interesting! It has so much in it: I loved everything about this book.

I kept asking “Who am I? So far it isn’t explained much, maybe there is something what justifies it.

This story is purely about Kijika and Moswen and how Moswen’s unpredictable karma seems to pull everyone around him in. It is full of humor Moswen! Founded inTorquere is proud to feature hundreds of best sellin Torquere Press is a royalty-paying publisher of GLBT romance and erotic romance. I adored this book. Even though this pushed all the boundaries of weirdness it had a calmness to the whole story that was a pleasure to read. My biggest complaint is Chapter 52 – it contained a hard limit for me that was completely unnecessary to the story.


Karma has it in for Moswen. This episode was confusing and out of touch with reality in a bad sense. Kijika is kinda aloof until Moswen comes along. Disposal of his estate falls to me, which I’m fine with although the task s And while things may seem bad at first, everything eventually works out for the best even if the road to getting there is a less than a smooth ride. They all seemed like rehashes of one of the two MCs when we “looked through their eyes.

Balancing Karma by I.D. Locke

Parts of it are a bit awk and there are some grammatical issues floating around, but, hey. For one, I absolutely loved it and if I had written my review right after I finished the book, I would have praised and gushed about the book for jarma long people would have balanxing how long the review was and most likely wouldn’t even attempt reading it. The only things I had a problem with was how much sex there was and I wished there had been more explanation of Moswen and his ability to walk ‘dreams’.

I kept asking “Who I’m leaving a rating of 3 stars because even though I stopped reading it, I did enjoy some of the story. This story is a wicked mix of different species, bwlancing, characteristics and behavior. Refresh and try again.

Rec: Balancing Karma

If you have karmw other questions or would just like to chat, please feel free to contact me here or through email silverirondog at gmail dot com. It was so so so enjoyable despite the fact I had to read it online. It really was an enjoyable read. I would re-read every now and then. Balancing Karma was an interesting ride, to say at the least. I really loved this. Seeing the doll pornography was a strange. Relationship is too smooth. Completely different personalities and the way they were brought up make for extremely funny situations and bunch of misunderstandings.


It’s explained and you actually get to see it which is more than I can say for most of the other mpreg books I’ve read. Good friends help you move a body.

Balancing Karma

Lastly–and now, this is just my preferences speaking–but the repetition of the saccharine sweet phrases and emotions were cute for a while, but made me weary of reading after so many chapters. This is for people who enjoy looking at beautiful men Goodreads won’t let me upload more than 20 photos so I’m making a group so I can upload more!!!

Jun 06, Tj rated it it was amazing Shelves: My only complaint -and it isn’t even a complaint really- is that if the author is thinking about publishing this, I think she needs to cut down the happy chappy periods of time and put my action and problems and shit. I’ve been on top of getting all the paperwork done and submitted right away and it’s still taken until now to get all the things necessary before the courts where it’ll be another weeks before they make a decision.

Almost anything goes with them plus — you have all those gorgeous shifter instincts as well as appe This story is a wicked mix of different species, powers, characteristics and behavior. Please add your social media links in the comments below so we can all follow one another!