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20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to “tap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer

Yet clean and safe sources are controlled and regulated. As a demonstration, Bedini then removes the good battery and sequentially inserts fully discharged, dead batteries. The life of the majority of the planet is a struggle to efficiently kill each other, a complete waste of energy. That is, vcuum has a very high electrostatic scalar potential — it is greatly stressed.

John Bedini Energizers 1

Find all posts by erfinder. We need to keep in mind that the Governments rely on taxes ebergizer exist -period. Last edited by erfinder; at Individuals in countries with less freedoms are seeing what the rest of the world has. A few tips on your rig: I’m not promoting that we should abandon the search and effort, not in the least.

Originally Posted by boguslaw. It is running off the fact that enerizer space-time itself is nothing but pure massless charge. We will not control the power of the oneness before we see the oneness in creation and live our lifes in this way. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. During one pulse, the battery is neergizer and furnishes power to the motor; during the succeeding pulse, the battery is disconnected completely from the motor and the output from the energizer is applied across energizef terminals of the battery.


Research by psychologist Martin Seligman demonstrates that pessimists often behave helplessly, harming their chances of achieving desirable results and even feeding depression.

Anyone stop to wonder why? If a new energy source was discovered, there would simply be a repositioning of the tax base. An ordinary battery filled with electrolyte fits the bill nicely. My replication of Lidmotors “Penny” seems to sit running at around. But there are allways some people ahead of the point in search of truth and giving some hints about the future.

Last Jump to page: I am a Brazilian newcomer to the group. I can only imagine, the many new technologies that eenergizer be born of the adoption of this new form of energy.

It is running now on my laboratory bench in prototype form. Hi Randy, To be perfectly frank, most people who attempt to replicate the Bedini Monopole Energizer don’t get the results they expected because they don’t build it according to John Bedini’s instructions. Don’t try and charge and discharge at the same time. So, there is something here for everyone at all levels.

John Bedini Energizers 1. I refuse to chase the next “shiny object” until I have exhausted all possibilities of usable power amplification with this unit. It is running off the principles of electromagnetics that Nikola Tesla discovered shortly before in his Colorado Springs experiments.


This made many new things available to us like flight, automobiles and plastics. It takes a enertizer work to do this, for the energizer circuit must pump a few charges now and then.

Fiddle it into resonant operation. You will see what I mean from the pics. But that bad boy charges like crazy. I have combed through the hundreds of pages on this site.

I have two Bedinii State, one has: The best way to do that is to hit something resonant that is imbedded in the vacuum, then tap the resonant stress of the ringing of the vacuum itself.

First we will need a big accumulator to hold a lot of the charged ions in the system that we wish to shock into oscillation. enrgizer

I tuned this to charge, I could care energizdr about the torque. A coil that is prewound with 7 power windings and 1 trigger winding. Good luck to all. Litz preserves trigger on trigger coil but detriment to radiant on charge coils. Love and Peace to the World. Now we add a switching device, called a controller, which breaks up power to the motor in pulses.

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There are many things here that don’t add up.