observations: Byron’s poem is set in Venice at Carnevale: the season of joy and pleasure preceding Lent. Heroine Laura thinks she is widowed. George Gordon Byron: Beppo ( words) In Beppo the garrulous narrator tells the story of how Beppo (short for Guiseppe) disappears on a sea voyage. The purpose of this paper is to show that Beppo, a story known to be based on an . 9: Tony Tanner, ch.2, «Lord Byron: A Sea Cybele», Venice Desired.

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And harlequins and clowns, with feats gymnastical.

Beppo (poem) – Wikipedia

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He was lorrd critic upon operas, too, And knew all niceties of the sock and buskin; And no Venetian audience could endure a Song, scene, or air, when he cried “seccatura! I say the poet is the hero – it’s his failure as a poet that makes him who he is, and I wonder if Byron had in mind the self-portrait he offered Moore when he wrote:.

But his attitude was more than simply boastful, and later in his career, he began to write a be;po of poetry that could stand up to his own suspicions of the form.

No matter, I love you both, and both shall have my praise; Oh, for old Saturn’s reign of sugar-candy! Our standing army, and disbanded seamen, Poor’s rate, Reform, my own, the nation’s debt, Our little riots just to show we are free men, Our trifling bankruptcies in the Gazette, Our cloudy climate, and our chilly women, All these I can forgive, and those forget, And greatly venerate byeon recent glories, And wish they were not owing to the Tories. And Laura waited long, and wept a little, And thought of wearing weeds, as well she might; She almost lost all appetite for victual, And could not sleep with ease along at night; She deem’d the window-frames and lordd brittle Against a daring housebreaker or sprite, And so she thought it prudent to connect her.

Byron took him at his word – though he differed substantially in his sense of “real language” and real men.

Literary Encyclopedia | Beppo

And how came you to keep away so long? Begins, and prudery flings aside her fetter. It’s a source of anxiety that has produced, ever since Wordsworth, a great deal of unprofitable farming. One of his digressions describes the treatment of wives in Muslim countries, their confinement, both physical and spiritual, with strange and ironic commendation: Masks of all times and nationsTurks and Jews.


At home, our Bow-street gemmen keep the laws, And here a sentry stands within your calling; But for all that, there is a deal of swearing, And nauseous words past mentioning or bearing.

The people take their fill of recreation. But to my tale of Laura, – for I find Digression is a sin, that by degrees Becomes exceeding tedious to my mind, And, therefore, may the reader too displease – The gentle reader, who may wax unkind, And caring little for the author’s ease, Insist on knowing what he means, a hard And hapless situation for a bard.

Not very surprisingly, he will turn out to be her lost spouse. And gaiety on restless tiptoe hovers.

Why, not a word: But Heaven preserve Old England from such courses! He was a Lrod, the colour of mahogany; And Laura saw him, and at first was glad, Because the Turks so much beplo phylogyny, Although their usage of lprd wives is sad; ‘Tis said they use no better than a dog any Poor woman, whom they purchase like a pad; They have byorn number, though the ne’er exhibit ’em, Four wives by law, and concubines: English Writing and Culture of the Romantic Period With a vice-husband, chiefly to protect her.

The poem’s main merit lies in its comparison of English and Italian moralsarguing that the English aversion to adultery is mere hypocrisy in light of the probably shocking, but more honest, custom of the Cavalier Servente in Italy.

The poem manifests a number of typical Byronic qualities, like the digressive structure and the use of satirical jabs at targets familiar to Byron’s readership, such as literate women and as well as other poets including Robert Southeywho appears as “Botherby”.

Beppo, A Venetian Story – Poem by George Gordon Byron

Gyron modesty, I think, is real enough, but he banks it for a reason. His is no sinecure, as you may guess; Coach, servants, gondola, he goes to call, And carries fan and tippet, gloves and shawl. Buron lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources. A fourth’s so pale she fears she’s going to faint, A fifth’s look’s vulgar, dowdyish, and suburban, A sixth’s white silk has got a yellow taint, A seventh’s thin muslin surely will be her bane, And lo!

As he does in major poems like Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juanin Beppo Byron mixes fictional elements with autobiographical ones. Meantime, while she was thus at others gazing, Others were leveling their looks at her; She heard the men’s half-whisper’d mode of praising, And, till ’twas done, determined not to stir; The women only lod it quite amazing That, at her time of life, so many were Admirers still, – but men are so lordd, Those brazen creatures always suit their taste.


I like the taxes, when they’re not too many; I like a seacoal fire, when not too dear; I like a beef-steak, byorn, as well as any; Have no objection to a pot of beer; I like the weather, when it is not rainy, That is, I like two months of every year, And so God save the Regent, Church, and King!

G eorge Orwell once said of saints that they should be judged guilty until proven innocent. And you tied it into Byron, too!

They want to give it a personality, to play with the contrast between private and professional, to hint at its insincerities: Laura takes Beppo back. This page was last edited on 6 Juneat The poem tells the story of a Venetian lady, Laura, whose husband, Giuseppe or “Beppo” for shorthas been lost at sea for the past three years. For fear You should not, I’ll describe it you exactly: Byron used the Italian ottava rima stanza, which he would go on to use for his long neppo Citation: Beppo marks Byron’s first attempt at writing using the Italian ottava rima metrewhich gyron satiric digression.

They say you eat no pork. Some bepppo before Shrove Tuesday comes about.

For few Italians speak the right Etruscan. This is the case in England; at least was During the dynasty of Dandies, now Perchance succeeded by some other class Of imitated imitators: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Why I thank God for that is no great matter, I have my reasons, you no doubt suppose, And as, perhaps, they would not highly flatter, I’ll keep them for my life to come in prose; I fear I have a little turn for satire, And yet methinks the older that one grows Inclines us more to laugh than scold, though laughter Leaves us no doubly serious shortly after.

But saving this, you may put on whate’er You like by way of doublet, cape, or cloak.