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For example, the word “sting-” at the beginning corresponds exactly to the sound of the harp.

Throughout the course of the work the singer moves backwards as if receding into the ensemble. The task is to entrust the sense of the musical action to the specific abilities of the protagonists, to give them the possibility of defining for themselves the conditions through which eventuality is transformed into reality, before the eyes of the listener, in the hearing of the viewer.

It is notable as one of the earliest and most successful uses of proportional notation, in the unprecedented orchestration and notation of the elaborate arrays of percussion, and – most importantly for the current study – for the authority granted to text over the timbralgesturaland structural organization of the piece. In the first ebrio, for example, the C-sharp does not occur in the voice until the end bar 6. The rolled r in the voice is extended durationally and by timbral extrapolation by a woodblock roll in percussion Circlse see Figure 8.

Circlescommissioned by the Fromm Foundation, was composed in and first performed in August of that same year during the Berkshire Music Festival by Cathy Berberian and members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


This page was last edited on 31 Marchat Sign up for our newsletter! Mortetherefore, serves not only as the dramatic and structural climax of the movement, but as the source of the movement’s characteristic instrumental figuration as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Another striking example of these pseudo-consonants which abound in this movement occurs on the rolled r of the word morte. Circles is a composition for female voice, harp and two percussionists by the Italian composer Luciano Berio.

Circles (programme note)

This was a completely new kind of interaction for me, a kind of permanent exchange, an extraordinarily stimulating challenge. The work followed by two years the landmark composition Thema Omaggio a Joyce in which Berio deconstructed Berberian’s voice brio the use of innovative electronic manipulation. Views Read Edit View history.

I have chosen to examine the first half of the second movement – bars 1 to 26 – to illustrate some of the text-setting techniques Berio employs.

You will regularly receive information about new scores with free downloads, current prize games and news about our composers. There can be little doubt, in this context, that his careful attention to the timbres of the text are inspired by the aesthetic of the author of these poems: Figure 6 Thus the first and third phrases of the vocal line and the introduction and interlude share the common feature of moving to the tonal reference point.

Un re in ascolto Cronaca del luogo.

Text and Music in Luciano Berio’s Circles

At critical points of change in the evolution of musical languages, text and approaches to text-setting are often given a structural importance they do not have bdrio the syntax of the musical sound itself is more self-evident. Luciano picked out three poems by Cummings and asked me to read them as I wanted to, paying attention to the particular distribution of the text, the unusual beriio breaks, and the capital letters that emphasized certain sounds.


Coming as verio does at the climactic moment of the movement, this overlap between speech the rolled r and non-speech the woodblock roll calls to mind the predominant percussion and harp figuration of the movement: Circles Luciano Berio Circles. Circles for female voice, harp and two percussion players Texts by e. Our composers Luciano Berio Works Circles.

In this sense, the text is a base line from which everything can be derived and to which everything can be traced back.

Circles Year of composition: The organization of the sforzandithe fermatas, and the recurring tonal reference serve as a structural frame for a continuous interaction of the text and music throughout the movement. Rain in measure 13 could be said to be represented by the instrumental trills. Ricerca Search this site: Circles programme note Circles for female voice, harp and two percussion players Texts by e. Up to this point, all sforzandi since the first bar 2 have been articulated by pairs of instruments and never as a tutti unison.

Text and Music in Luciano Berio’s Circles. Music is never pure: Tomb in measure 5 is sung on the lowest vocal pitch in the passage.

The vocal part cjrcles adopts a ” detache ” style which prevents us from tracking the voice from one pitch and one speech sound to cirlces as easily as we might.