A mesmeric collection of stories about love. In his characteristically unsentimental , elegant and spare prose, Schlink unveils characters and relationships. THE characters in ”Flights of Love,” Bernhard Schlink’s first collection of stories, are not the kind of men you expect to be defined by love, much. Flights of Love Bernhard Schlink, trans John E Woods pp, Weidenfeld, £ Beneath Black Stars: Contemporary Austrian Fiction.

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Picked this up because I wanted to get beyond the tortured obsessions of Homecoming, and Schlink is so highly thought of, I wondered whether I was being overly critical. Nov 12, Pages Buy. J’adore les nouvelles, mais vraiment.

Flights of Love

Schlink is possessed with a coolly direct manner of interrogating the confused motives of the human heart. A collection of stories that weave themselves around the idea of lovelove to seek and love to flee; love as desire, as guilt, as confusion or self-betrayal; love as habit, as affair, and as life-changing rebellion. As memorable as The Reader.

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Honestly I had my doubts when I started reading it as the story would go on with details but then the ending was not so dramatic or stunning as you usually get in fiction. Both Schlink and Sebald were born in”beneath black stars”, in the imagery of Heimito von Doderer’s tale of collusion and defiance in Nazi-ruled Vienna. It bernhzrd certainly entertaining. Mar 22, Skeletonized rated it it was amazing.


Also in Vintage International.

His career as a writer began with several detective novels with a main character named Selb–a play on the German word for bermhard.

Their strength depends on daily attention and openness In the end, a 3. A widower accidentally reads his wife’s letters and discovers that she once had an affair. Jul 20, Jo Cunningham rated it really liked it. The last page made everything worth it for me. There are 3 girls… three peas in a pod. Most deal with regret and loss. Of all of them, my favourite to read was ‘Sugar Peas’ in which the rogue-ish Thomas takes himself off for a year, masquerading as a monk of the fictitious Order of St.

Also by Bernhard Schlink. Yet, marking its second anniversary in government this month, the junior coalition partner’s dark star seems only to be on the rise.

Flights of Love by Bernhard Schlink | : Books

Bsrnhard has written seven stories with male German protagonists. I really liked Schlink’s dry writing style in The Reader, where you had a whole book to learn about the characters and like them.

It shouldn’t’ve taken me almost 3 weeks to read a page book when if I really like a story I can read more than pages in just two days. Would we have fallen apart more rapidly knowing what the other was thinking that was so foreign and not understandable And not just history history, but the characters’ individual histories, everything they might have experienced up until these snapshots are revealed. But oh, god, are his characters ever so rational and reasonable, even at the height of their anger or despair!


Especially the ending…man, I hated the ending. Schlink’s tendency to also use very elongated plots to convey ideas was a bit annoying, case in point being The Girl with Lizard, A Little Fling and Sugar Peas my begnhard favourite out of them all.

Lists with This Loove. I had mixed feelings though…it seemed too easy. My friend’s fiance said his ending I borrowed this book from my friend’s fiance.

One of the unifying elements in Schlink’s creative mind is examining how internalized perceptions, when maintained in the prison of an individual’s mind, can alter the manner in which we live through relationships, ways that could have schlinkk more constructive had communication of these altered perceptions occurred. His latest novel, OLGA, was a 1 bestseller internationally and will be published in Book ratings by Goodreads.

The most effecting, however, is probably the story that concludes the collection – ‘The Woman at the Gas Station’. There were no frills, no long and meandering descriptions. I don’t think it’s easy to capture the different varieties of love.

I really loved this collection of longer short stories. A mesmeric collection of stories about love.