I kind of think that’s the central point that Bertrand Russell is making we mistakes and perhaps save humanity from the triumph of stupidity?. -Bertrand Russell. “The Triumph of Stupidity” () in Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell’s American Essays, (Routledge. DMCA. The Triumph of Stupidity by Palmas Gran Canaria, Aplicaciones Numéricas En Ingeniería, Enrique Fernández Perdomo, To Sila, Bertrand Russell V.

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No, this isn’t an appeal to the balance fallacy.

He was simply the first credible mind to have those thoughts outside the sphere of influence of the Pope. The US is only “moderate” for the most creative definitions of “moderate”. Wouldn’t it be better to look at objective conditions e. They are failing on the “fill their bellies” front, that’s something to work on. Of vertrand we can think geeks is better.

Much like your hero, actually. As a developer I see this as very smelly, the abstraction was leaking too much. Opportunist here, riding on the popularity of this post.

It seems to be a romanticism of intelligent individuals, but he triummph to Nazi Germany as the triumph of the stupid. Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. A pogrom is an organized massacre of an ethnic group – it’s not happening, in southern states or anywhere else in the US. ZenoArrow on Nov 27, supidity So there’s that You say that like it’s a bad thing. Trump IS scary and dangerous.

The Triumph of Stupidity

The Republicans have just demonstrated that voter suppression laws work. However it is possible he was talking about things like this: Clearly it’s not as simple as “complexity is bad.

Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. But they’re a special case: They were also stuidity to construct these buildings with real windows, which was not actually the case in ancient times. Pretending like thd above it gets us nowhere, because it perpetuates an unhelpful me vs everyone else mentality.


Russell, Bertrand – “The Triumph of Stupidity” (10 May ) | WIST

The only way out is probably strict technocracy run by benevolent AIs – but it’s not one that anyone is going to be willing to accept, as by doing so one loses much of what it is to be human. Rome kept it up for a good long while, but it couldn’t do so forever. Yeah, my great uncle said the same thing.

Share your insights and expose my arrogance, please do. Hard to imagine that there were dictatorships in Europe only 40 years ago. It’s a bunch of nerds that decided on a rational approach to charity. He is not going to get better. Dowwie on Nov 27, Thanks for sharing. The Triumph of Stupidity russell-j. If we see a decline in American hegemony in our lifetime, and that’s big if, I’m confident it will be replaced by something far more interesting.

Terrified…yes, terrified is the word. Otherwise American institutions may continue as we know them and double down on discrimination. Clearly Putin is using this sort of response to great effect by using conflict rhssell rivalry with foreigners teh deflect criticism away from his abysmal record at actually achieving anything of value for the Russian people.

There are so many reasons the “dark” attribute stuck and survived for almost years it wasn’t an Enlightenment construct but rather a Renaissance one, although technically coined even earlier. Including public defense of torture.

I’ll leave here, Matt Taibbi’s more modern take on this that blames the media or what I like to call the rhetoric amplification industry. Manipulations and the warping of factual information gives us less than what we need in order to make rational decisions.


But we ruxsell have to do it not because we are ‘Intelligent’ but because we have courage. And lots of technical innovations were made during Middle Ages both through interaction with Middle East and Asia, and through independent development.

The Triumph of Stupidity | Planet

It’s also far more effective at getting bertrad to people quicker and more cheaply. Also, I can do most things that I want to do without having to deal with common-place gangsterism. If everyone thinks they aren’t the ones being misled, and the problem is with other people, how are you going to help them realise what’s really going on?

On what basis do you compare “American democracy” to “Swedish democracy”? Public health learned some lessons – yes, some of those very slowly, it took years to fully recover form the Black Death – but the population and economy grew, except for this plague anomaly which the ancient civilizations would hardly have handled any better.

Thats just the first link I clicked which gives the date of July. On the cantonal level, it was between and that women voting was introduced in most cantons. And yes we can be swayed. The world doesn’t need more ideals and high-level thoughts, people function less than they think at that level, and there is progress enough, it needs empathy and respect, russsell fixing the bottom, for a more cohesive whole.