Summer Training Presentation of BHEL Block Limited Ranipur, Haridwar ( Uttrakhand) Submitted To: Mr. XYZ Submitted By: ABC Roll No. Who give me lot of inspiration and skills to complete this Report successfully. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. .. 34 CONCLUSION We have undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar. View Test Prep – from MECHANICAL I thankfully acknowledge the staff of BHEL, Haridwar for giving me so much co- (Sr. Manager,TUM Block-3) to support me during my Industrial Training. . I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

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The volume of the steam increases. Inner and sidewalls are suitably blanked to house for longitudinal hydrogen gas coolers inside the stator body. DC auxiliary mill motors. A reaction turbine has rows of fixed blades alternating with rows of moving blades. Stampings are held in a position by 20 core bars having dovetail section.

HEEP plant is divided into trsining blocks. The voltage is rectified by thyristor circuit to D C. Indication of liquid level in the generator and summmer in case of high level. The thermometer should be fixed in the slot but outside the coil insulation.

Bhel Haridwar training ppt

The core design to permit the flow of earth fault current of at least 15A for 1 second without major any core damage.

It is forged from a vacuum cast steel slots for insulation of the field winding are made into the rotor body. Their prime mover and current is supplied by exciter system. The length of the resistance thermometer depends upon the length of armature.


The system is capable of performing following system — 1. Filing in and purging of hydrogen safety without bringing in contact with air.

These RTDs are monitored temperature scanner in the control panel and if the temperature exceeds the prescribe limit. Provided with adequate protection on the winding and slots for avoiding the corona and other surface discharges.

THFF Basic terms are: It supports the laminated core and winding the stator comprises an inner frame and outer frame. The shaft is rigidly coupled to generator rotor and simmer rotors are trainig supported on these bearings. Erection commissioning, operation and maintenance service vi.

I did my training at HEEP plant. When the generator rotates at the rated speed, the PMG generates V at 50 hertz to provide power supply to automatic voltage regulator.

At the all, till now BHEL is best in supply and manufacturing products. The conductors of small rectangular cross section are provided with glass lapped strand insulation. Blade passage of varying cross-section area.

To avoid-heating of press ring due to end leakage flow two rings made of copper sheet are used on flux shield. At the same time, a snap ring is provided against axial displacement of retaining ring. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Its provides practical idea to manufacturing several components of turbine. The armature is connected haridaar rotating rectifier brides for rectifying AC voltage induced bhell armature to DC voltage. With good design and great care this problem can be solved.



The pressure established by the works in conjunction with the expelled from the discharge path along the rotor. The insulation placed over the winding should be sunmer that they make half overlap with next wrapping of the tape. Click here to sign up. Battery powered road vehicles are also manufactured by the company.

The main Administrative Building is a distance of about 6 km from Haridwar Railway station. Its blade is larger than high pressure turbine. Each blade is blocl at its root with a threaded pin. The shrunk on hub on the end of the retaining ring serves to reinforce the retaining ring and serves the end winding in the axial direction.

To ensure that strands are firmly bonded together and give dimensionally stability in slot portion, a layer of glass tape is blkck over the complete stack.

Insulator and bushingCeramic liners. The voltage insulation is provided according to the proven resin poor mice base of thermo setting epoxy system. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

The Company is a major producer of large-size thruster devices. Also this method has an inherent of eliminating the deformation of copper due to varying temperature. This field is also controlled by taking feedback from main tralning terminal voltage, to control exciter field variation by automatic voltage regulator.