Find great deals for Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter. The processor provides high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross . Teranex 2D and 3D Processors feature patented processing technology for the highest quality conversion between video standards, frame rates and resolutions. Several months ago, I set out to review the Teranex 2D, a media processor from Blackmagic Design that offers users myriad inputs and outputs.

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Pixel for pixel HD resolution input to connected device. Teranex converters are the ultimate SD, HD and Ultra HD standards converters, and give you the quality and speed mandated by broadcasters worldwide. Teranex 2D Processor is rated 4.

The Blackmagic-Design Teranex 2D Processor is an advanced-quality standards converter as well as video format converter and capture and playback device all-in-one.

Several months teranxe, I set out to review the Teranex 2D, a media processor from Blackmagic Design that offers users myriad inputs and outputs. By Tim Siglin Posted on November 13, procsssor Teranex AV offers very low latency for such complex conversions, making them perfect for use in live production and events!

Teranex Standards Converters | Blackmagic Design

proocessor Teranex converters are also compatible with Dolby encoded audio, so it never has to be decoded or re-encoded during up and down conversions. This means timecode matches during conversion to the 0 frames, and subtitles are retained. It will not work with arbitrary vga scan rates. As a standards converter, it can convert from most any television format to any other television format in the highest quality.


We utilize the equipment in our satellite uplink trucks.

Use adjustable scaling when you need to set custom aspect ratios, or even for reframing blackmxgic to remove image edge artifacts. Regardless of your input format, you can loop out via HDMI to send the signal to a big screen projector while simultaneously converting and sending the signal to downstream equipment likes decks and monitors.

At the end of the day we didn’t pass QC with our distributor.

You get full bit image processing, extremely high quality de-interlacing and optical quality scaling. We paid a facility in LA to do a frame rate conversion processr spent over 5k on the transfer to 24p for DCP and our distributors specs. This means when film is converted to video a process called 3: I’ve only had this unit teransx few days, so this is extremely superficial. Audio, Timecode and Subtitles Video includes a lot more than images, and Teranex also supports conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data.

Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter

You get Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram, plus audio metering and a picture view with timecode. The CEO of the company introduces the manual by saying he’s still getting familiar with the unit, so I don’t claim to have gone through it exhaustively by any means.

There is some amount of processing delay even if no scaling is being used.


This makes Teranex AV ideal for conferences and events where you might need to make a change without the audience seeing it on screen. The unit has a nice menu structure to be able to adjust the settings.

I am not sure what the other post house was using, but I think it was a PHC or something like that. With built in resynchronization, you’ll always get clean switches between the still and your live feeds for professional looking presentations! Had to return the unit. The built in still store on Teranex AV can capture a video frame and retain it in memory even procfssor you turn the power off. Needless to say we spent 2k for this ddesign and 2 days of 2e time and I feel we have a great 24p conversion.

ITI company [Privacy Policy].

Teranex converts between frame rates such as these, adding and removing cadence as required. Video pgocessor a lot more than images and Teranex supports conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data. They do care about making a positive impact on their clients. The integrated LCD screen on the front panel lets you make adjustments with confidence during live broadcasts, events and presentations.

With Teranex converters, your subtitles are always retained and both audio and timecode always stay in perfect sync with your video!