Bone Gnawers Tribebook (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Sam Chupp, Bill Bridges] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. RPG Book. The third Tribebook looks at the Children of Gaia: their enduring history, legends and behavior, as told by a Child of Gaia sage. This heavily. Bone Gnawers. I haven’t seen the original version of the Bone Gnawers tribebook , so I’m only going to discuss what’s in the new one. In the world of Werewolf.

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An extra Gnosis point can add Stamina levels and remove wound penalties, but the duration is cut short.

The Gnawers just tend to go through the motions of Submission to those of Higher Stationand both Ellison and Bonecrusher know it. David Hirt rated it really liked it Feb 01, On a bad day, Ratkin mess with you.

The book recommends performing Dueling Banjos. But the scavenger spirits no longer fully encapsulated the Gnawer agenda.

It can also summon a ton of stray dogs. Paul rated it really liked it Aug 01, There are Gnawers who simply want to abandon gnaqers hierarchies of the Garou Nation and disperse.

Bone Gnawers by pospysyl. Lost Keyring is a keyring full of assorted keys.

Seth Runyon rated it it was amazing Mar 13, On to Level 2 gifts, then. Over the next three days the pack was hunted down by the sept.

A two dot Fetish could have a level 2 Gift, for instance. However, you can learn some good improvised rituals from them. The Road Warders respect them as traveling companions, but the Swarm, worshippers of the Rat God, hate Owl and his followers.


Bone Gnawer elders oppose them, but their resources are strained already.

Without any introduction, here are the Bone Gnawer Gifts! Sam rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Rat has three major aspects: Her followers have to advocate for the Bunyip and pass up no opportunity to kill Black Spiral Dancers, who tricked the Garou Nation into killing the Bunyip. In the core, Bone Gnawers can pick up Blissful Ignorance from the Ragabash Gift list, allowing any Bone Gnawer to temporarily erase a memory to avoid giving away secrets.

They know that America is filled with good people and they seek to help those people out. Backgrounds posted by pospysyl Original SA post. Many Lupus are bred in captivity, but they are still full wolves, with all their instincts.

Spirit Radio is a little bit more inspired. Cooking is generally better than this Gift in every way, though, since it allows the werewolf to eat anything everywhere, without a hunt required.

The Gnawers really do respect their own Mothers and Fathers, but anybody else can just expect a Rite of Contrition once in a while. With ten minutes, one point of RAGE, and any three common kitchen chemicals, you can make a bomb. Guise of the Hound allows a werewolf to shapeshift into a dog, rather than a wolf, to better blend into an urban environment. A pack devoted to the General must choose a rundown car to repair. Sleeps-with-the-Fishes, a Ragabash informant, can give you a tip or two: Many camps actively recruit Gnawers to help in their projects and cause, while others are secret societies, usually involved in crime.


Thus, any ruling or understanding of the Litany is based solely on precedent. Trivia About Bone Gnawers Trib For the Black Furies, you had to impress Pegasus, and Pegasus automatically refused any non-metis males.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook (1st Edition) by Bill Bridges

This book gets that very well. In case you can’t tell, this werewolf has a corncob pipe. Dock workers might be useful for physical aid, or you could have some seedy criminal relatives.

Venerable elders are given the title Mother or Father, the only titles the Gnawers have. The Hood plans a revolution against the wealthy, toppling them to help the needy. The other tribes saw these rejects as expendable, and once the Gnawers believed that their sacrifice could earn respect.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook

Scott Andrews rated it liked it Apr 13, Abuse can carry Honor penalties, though. Ragabash are clowns and criminals. Gustavo rated it it was ok Dec 27, No trivia or quizzes yet. Optionally, an ST may make the Rite more difficult with improvised ingredients, in return for extra renown awards from Bone Gnawer elders.

Their wolf forms are covered in patches of different colors. Bone Gnawer Fetishes tend fribebook be common, but broken modern day items. Eventually, a tribbeook Piping was called in Lisbon, and the Gnawers planned a mass exodus.

From W20, featuring the cut Gift: