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Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer by David J. Gingery available in Pamphlet on , also read synopsis and reviews. Many people collect and.

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Build a Magneto Magnetizer SOLD OUT!

Failure to observe this precaution will result in smoked diodes when the charger is powered up! The core ends and top surface of the bottom bar should be faced or ground flat to minimize the air gap losses.

Top Posters 30 Days. These procedures were used in the old days because many chargers were inadequate and magnetic theory was not well understood. This article has drawings and instructions for making and using that charger. The other pole should attract the south seeking needle and should be marked ‘S’. Note the automobile battery for power magnetixer a compass for checking magneto polarity before charging.

Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information. Those units were not sufficiently heavy to charge many magnets while installed magntizer the magneto. It’s certainly not a novel invention.

This material is too high priced so I used low carbon steel. American ingot iron, Swedish charcoal iron, Armco iron, relay iron, and certain low carbon steels are suitable.

Alternator diodes will work fine if the ones listed aren’t available. With the price of copper wire, it is not cheap.

A view of the finished charger. Support Your magnetizrr BritBike Forum! The single most important point in machining parts for this charger is to provide close fitting joints at x points in the magnetic path. The shapes and uses of additional pole pieces have been particularly well described in GEM May-June ’77, pg. John using the charger at a local New England engine show. What Engine for Clutch Pulley? In recharging, set the magnet on top of the recharger after its polarity has been determined, and rock the magnet back and forth on its pole edges a number of times.


This second generation design features ease of magnetizerr, improved operation, bottom mounted coil terminals and diode protection to prevent excessive switch sparking and coil failure. Two people are required, one to operate the lathe clutch, while the second layers wire onto the core with gloved hands. If an ordinary switch is used, always check the ammeter to make sure the current has stopped flowing when the switch is opened.

An identical washer without terminals is epoxied to the other end of each pole piece. Buildd easiest way to see if the poles are as marked is to test with an ordinary compass.

And jagnetizer these newer magnets usually don’t go “dead” like “plain” ones. You buil recharge old magneto magnets, and create new iron magnets for experimental purposes. Testing the charger Once the unit is wired according to the wiring diagram, it’s time to test it. Dave Gingery book is for the old model A ford type magneto’s. Hi, My friend and I just did this. The charger weighs about pounds and is mounted on an inexpensive 2 wheel hand truck.

How to Build and Use a Homemade Magneto Magnet Charger

In other words, the charged magnet comes off the charger with its south pole originating from the north pole of the charger. The magnets must never be left off the magneto even temporarily, without placing a steel bar across their poles to serve as a keeper. Repeat the procedure for the second coil except mark the terminals ‘3’ and ‘4’ instead of ‘1’ and ‘2’. The one pictured has had the joints welded and additional braces welded on to improve strength.


Build a Magneto Magnetizer – BritBike Forum

As winding progresses, it will be more and more difficult to prevent the winding from becoming scrambled. Dave will show you how to avoid what few problems you might encounter.

The use of magnet wire is important because wire with thick insulation can’t be densely packed. What Dave has done is show you how to build a proven device from ubild available materials, and at low cost. Be sure to take advantage of the Square Deal Subscription Program. Make sure all diodes are connected exactly as indicated in the wiring diagram note direction of arrow on diode.

A set of automotive jumper cables attached to the terminal block magnetizerr the charger to any 12 volt automotive battery or power source. Wind the wire around the electromagnet cores as shown in the illustrations and then wrap tape around the windings, to hold them in place. The wire is then wound in layers progressively on top of each other. Inspiring New Engine Collectors. If the wiring and winding have been done as indicated the north and south poles should be as shown in the figures.

The needle is really a ‘north seeking needle’ and seeks the north pole of the earth or magnet.