Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. If not stated differently, the temperature of the solution should be 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees. six, almost seven years ago i was given a recipe for caffenol c film developer by a friend whitey. i met whitey over on , one of the 3 or. just incase there are any interested parties on site interested in the caffenol ( coffee) method of developing b&w film. (yes i said film) the cookbook is an.

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What is the perfect recipe for enlarging?? And all I get is a very faint stroke from the beginning of the film that is fully exposed while loading the film. Posted June 3, at Maarten, Does your washing soda look like crystals? I then mixed the coffee and vitamin c with water and as soon as i added the sodium carbonate it startet to foam up and i ended up with a total mess in my kitchen.

Flau im Kontrast waren die Efkes nie: Experiments in caffenol — Xiyu Phoon Photography. Counter Counter added April Deine hybride Ausarbeitung ist zudem sicher mehr als “suboptimal”. The best developer is the one you have with you Japan Camera Hunter. I also would like to know if there is any instant coffee that is the best one to use.


Let solution stand for about 5 minutes to clear microbubbles.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible – Figital Revolution

They are look green caffsnol. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For all other temperatures, please adjust the developing time accordingly. Was wondering about TriX and deltawhat recipe would be best for each and has anyone found good times for them? About Arras WordPress Theme.

Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. I just mixed the caffenol ingredients together but it began foaming up. I use 15 gr. Wait while more posts are being loaded. You provide a great resource but could you please convert the units of measure?

Posted November 14, at Ifyou are new to Caffenol development or looking for the basics, please start from the beginning, first post March I am pretty happy with the outcome though It would then be much simpler if you were to be teaching this to a child for instance. Posted February 26, at 4: Also… Is baking soda and washing soda cafgenol

Not everyone has a scale to measure grams, especially in the US. Translate Show original text.


Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

Posted August 24, at Posted May 20, at 3: From which country are you from? Posted December 28, at 7: I tried it with salt: So is cqffenol the recipe i use it for that negative? Hello readers, I know it was pretty quiet last year here on the blog.

Posted March 12, at 9: Is cafffenol any possibility of a non-flash version pdf for example? Hi my student wants to try this method of developing. It will always foam up, but you should anyhow let the solution stand for 5 minutes once everything is completely dissolved. With my humble skills of chemistry I instantly brewed a usable soup, a bit “thicker” than a known “standard” recipe.

Posted October 29, at Just buy regular fixer, I use Ilford Rapid Fix, and reuse it. What way do you go? But – the salt cystallized under water on the paper and damaged it. Antonio, No, Caffenol is only a developer.

Posted May 29, at 1: