Ibn Sina’s famous Canon of Medicine (Qanun fi al-tibb) comes to life in English with this translation. It is a clear and ordered Summa of all the medical knowledge. Canon of Medicine, General Medicine, Volume 1 Avicenna s famous Canon of Medicine comes to life in English with this translation. This volume contains. Avicena. Canon medicinae: Flores Auicenne collecti super quinq3 Canonibus quos edidit in medicina, necno[n] super dece[m] & noue[m] libris De a[m]ialibus.

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Next are listed one or more of 22 possible general actions, followed by specific properties listed according to a grid of 11 disease types. The text is about the care of the teeth, gums, and lips.

Laqve (cara torcida), considerada en el famoso tratado de Avicena: el canon de la Medicina

If the patient has constipation, he needs softening enema on the second day. El libro fue producido en Estrasburgo alrededor de por el notable impresor y el editor Adolf Rusch. As I mentioned before, some physicians have considered the affected side as the healthy part. File change date and time There are only four because something cannot be simultaneously hotter and colder or drier and moister. This expanded theory of four temperaments is given in the following table: Avicenna believed that the human body cannot be restored to health unless the causes of both health and disease are determined.


The Canon of Medicine remained a medical authority for centuries.

The Canon of Medicine – Wikipedia

Both situations should be diagnosed before the disease progresses to an incurable phase and an aggressive treatment is needed. That part, which enters the liver to keep its vitality and functions, becomes softer, warmer and sensibly wet, and in its composition the softness of air and vapor of blood dominate.

In other words, it is the art whereby health is concerned and the art by which it is restored after being lost. Each member of the body is described to be given each its individual temperament, each with its own degree of heat vanon moisture.

Small miniatures depicting motifs of plants and animals illustrate the informative medical text, which did not lose its significance for centuries. The four simple temperaments and four compound intemperaments can each be divided into “Those apart from any material substance” and “Those in which some material substance is concerned”, for a total of sixteen intemperaments.

In reality, the avicsna “laqve” means “paralysis and distortion of one side of the mouth or face” 9 ; thus, accepting the term only as “facial paralysis” would not be wrong.

Bitter taste Excessive thirst Burning cardiac orifice. A few of his philosophical treatises were later adopted by mystics of Sufiism. Numbness in the skin or jerks and involuntary movements in the face may also be noticed in some patients.

Canon Medicinae Avicenna

Ce are nowhere near ideal in temperament, but skin comes the closest. Avicenna’s judgment about the prognosis of the disease is “Laqve, lasting more than six months, will not cure” 6. Some authors including Paul [of Aegina] concluded that drooping occurs on the medivina side; however, that can not be the event.


You should use treatments that are being applied in stroke and spasm events in accordance with the condition of the patient.

Since flesh of gazelle do not provide warming effect, it is useless. Laqve also briefly touches to trigeminal neuralgia by the definition of “pain in the bones of the face” 6. Laqve cara torcidaconsiderada en el famoso tratado de Avicena: Retrieved 20 December The story of medicine.

The Canon defines a humour as “that fluid, moist ‘body’ into which our aliment is transformed”, [8]: The elements we experience are mixed with small amounts of other elements and are therefore not the pure elemental substances.

Sign up in 30 sec. First of all, laqve patient should not be mobilized for a week, while some physicians offer four-day bed rest.

The Standard Work of Medicine The comprehensive manuscript is strictly divided into five groups of text. Confusingly, there appear to have been two men called Gerard of Cremona, both translators of Arabic texts into Latin.