From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue. 1. SICAME GROUP / The world of electrical safety; 2. Electrical safety, our business. Now more.

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Aluminium cables Extra flexible braided multi-strand cables. Clamp and adhesive ctaalogue. Model for moulded units Suitable for Schneider circuit breakers with the following references: Tether rope equipped with a tension device. The insulation resistance value is indicated by illuminating a light: They bring the best held, hygiene and a greater comfort.

When using a shock absorbing lanyard, allow for at least 7 meters clearance.

CATU Electrical Safety 2015 Catalogue

In case of an electrical accident, quick action is essential: Connection between phases under V. Gas bottle models Polystyrene.

The electrode extension is designed to ensure no inside failure. Operating Testers To perform mandatory testing on the controllers before and after each use. What does locking mean? No need to take them out. Locking is ctau accompanied by signs.


ArboCat Virus: Catu (CATUV)

Wall support for padlocks Red-painted metal wall support. Head fit adjustment by milled wheel. Unipolar identification of the phase. Emission of an audible signal when there is discrepancy between the two phases.

Threaded adapter Smooth threaded terminals for positioning shunts live working tools or earthing equipment and short circuit cabinets terminals LV. OFF, 6 W, 12 W. They provide an adequate answer at worldwide level. The clamp is then fixed to the rope and attached onto the conductor.

By pressing the TEST button: Contact electrodes fitted to the housing by screwing and easily interchangeable.

Other composition on request. Safety test probes with retractables sheath. Medium-size models Red plastic. MF Spool of m of fuse wire.

Insulating mats Adapted to the B High Voltage. CI 36 max. Do not store or use close to excessive heat.

Anti-scratch, anti-impact and anti-chemical product treatments. Constraint tie x2 MO Orange outside, natural inside. Total length 50 mm.

Reference mm mm CM 1. No tool needed for installation tightened manually. The purpose of locking is to separate cut off or neutralisation parts with a suitable, and sufficiently protected system to prevent any operation cahalogue unauthorised persons switching on power for an electrical installation. K End fitting 4 depending on the height and the presence of the anchoring point. They eliminate the need for overgloves. High-strength steel shackle and body. Water pump plier, dual material Reference mm MO g mm 32 Dual material handle Anti slip material.


Lead set for checks on L. Wire Gun Tester Spring operated swinging jaw with pre-set. Polyamide central lug attaches to snap-hook of belt. The dielectric test is not required, but it catalovue be performed at the owner’s request. Delivered with 4-level padlock support, attachment pegs and screws. Fingerless gloves shape allowing to keep the maximum of dexterity. Tool bag Reference mm kg MO x x 4. Accessories Reference Description C Spare probe 0.

Voltage level used Product reference on type examination certificate.

Symbol appears only on mechanical gloves. High resistance aluminium alloy rack, used for clamping onto poles 14 to 42 cm wide.

Dual Material Insulated Tools Orange insulating outer layer.