CC Texas Instruments RF Transceiver datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CC The CC is a low cost true single chip UHF transceiver designed for very low power wireless applications. The circuit is mainly intended for the ISM. Highly Integrated MultiCh RF Transceiver Designed for Low-Power Wireless Apps. Datasheet Texas Instruments CC

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The digitally controlled oscillator DCO allows wake-up from low-power modes to active mode in less than 6ms.

Figure 5-Incorrect Figure 6 – Acceptable Figure 7 – Correct Importance of decoupling capacitors to each pin When using the reference design provided by TI, it is important to understand that each decoupling datasheef is included for a reason.

If one inductor is placed so that it has a very short straight trace, the other inductor will not fit in front of its corresponding pin. When pins are located next to each other and have a capacitor associated with each one, these components must be connected individually. Datzsheet – pages, 2nd edition November 2, Do not simply connect the two pins together and then route a single trace to the two capacitors.

The versatility of this chip is enhanced by its integrated and highly configurable baseband modem, which supports a number of different modulation formats and data rates. Schematic of the WSN board. Hardcover – pages June What the picture does not show is how the supporting components should be placed and routed.

In and ideal world, the components would be right next to each other without any traces required to connect them. Paperback – pages January Originally developed by Datashet, this chip xc1100 continued as an active TI product following their acquisition of ChipCon in early Because the CC packaging has pins on all four sides, it can be difficult to connect things such as power. The DS’s registration number is a factory-lasered, bit ROM that includes a unique datasheeh serial number, an 8-bit CRC, and an 8-bit family code 01h.


While the advice presented here may seem simple, failure to apply these techniques may result in a circuit that does not perform as desired. The preferred method is to cf1100 bottom side traces on the opposite side of the CC from the RF outputs. Thus, the whole memory can be viewed as consisting of pages, or 1, bytes.

Depending on the style of antenna, the ground plane may or may not need to be removed at the antenna itself. However, the trace widths for the filter balun section itself should be as datasheeg as possible without requiring a dahasheet at the pads of the filter balun components in other words, you should make the traces from the CC to the filter inductors the same width as the CC pads. Layout Resources from Pegasus Technologies. Because of the importance and multi-tasking required by this portion of the design, there are some important considerations in layout that need to be taken into account.

First it converts the balanced RF signals cx1100 the CC into an unbalanced signal.

This microcontroller, an ultra-low-power bit RISC mixed-signal processor, is ideal for low power and portable applications. The modem supports various modulation formats and has a configurable data rate of up to kBaud.


Each page is bytes wide.

CC Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

TI also continuously works to improve their reference designs. The memory is organized as 16 sectors, each containing pages. The memory can be programmed 1 to bytes at a time, using the Page Program instruction. DS provides an absolutely unique identity.

The RF transceiver is integrated with a configurable baseband modem. The complete file can be obtained from the worldsens web site.

CC1100 Datasheet

For more information on the CC microcontroller, the datasheet can be found at TI. The pin-for-pin and code compatible CC has better spurious response and improved close-in phase noise datashret adjacent channel performance. Figure 3-Incorrect Figure 4-Correct Solid ground plane below the IC and filter balun components Another important aspect of the filter balun layout is the ground plane. By using a single trace the pins are no longer isolated from each other.

However since that is not possible, the next best approach is to minimize the amount of inductance within the trace by making it as wide as possible based on the size of the component pads.

Hardcover – pages July Some of the older data sheets still ddatasheet the older designs, however, so RF engineers using this chip should be sure to download the most recent version from the TI website when beginning a new design.