Charles Bukowski (No hay camino al paraíso). by PACO: LITERATURA. Play next; Play now. El Extraño Caso Del Señor Valdemar – Edgar Allan Poe. Poemas recitados. Un espacio para la poesía recitada en la voz de Tomás Galindo. 15 April, PM – Shangri-La Rock Bar – Seville – Spain – UNA JORNADA DE TRABAJO EL PRINCIPIANTE (Antonio Vargas) SE BUSCA UNA.

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I slapped him with a wet towel. I m not going to put any panties on so you can finger-fuck me in the dark, she said.

And I m a Foch, he said. I can t eat carles broken yoke. I was rough tough easy-with-money-Charley that s me and I awakened both of them like God and when she was awake she started screaming, “Hank, Hank! Bogie s not dead yet. Ronny, mis poemas son rechazados por el New York Quarterly.

Toca el piano borracho – Charles Bukowski

Ronny, my poems came back from the New York Quarterly. I ve always been lucky: I have broken off with all 3 of my girlfriends. I have nothing to do with the workings. Thanks also to Capra Press which originally published some of these poems as a chapbook a Fire Station.

I have lost my rhythm. I have, he went on, betrayed myself with belief, deluded myself with love tricked myself with sex. Villon was a mugger. I want the hooker with the pelican eyes brass belly-button. Lawrence but I m glad I never met him in some bistro him lifting his tiny hot cup of tea and looking at me with his worm-hole eyes. I sit with them. I had run my 43 cents up to a dollar ninety when I saw her going upstairs with her fireman.


I hate him I love you! I don t want them too near because that s when attrition starts. I ain t had a decent meal, Ronny, for a couple of days. I went to get a coffee and when I came back he was still playing, and he was still playing after Boomerang won the 4th. I seldom see the interviews. I take out the piece of purple meat drop it into the pan.

I m a gentleman. Eliot worked a teller s cage.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. I ride it myself. I believe in a simple violence.

I told my son and I dropped all my lovers. Pero quiero que sepas que te amo, pienso en ti constantemente, no creo que haya amado a nadie como te amo a ti. I prefer to hear Christmas music in July while I am being threatened with death by a woman. I walked over and got in a dart game with Harry the Horse and the corner newsboy. Can Fly won the 3rd race and he continued to play his violin.

I care for you, darling, I love you, the only reason I fucked L. I never showered with the boys at the plant after work so I smelled of sweat and blood.

I feel sorry for us all or glad for us all caught alive together and awkward in hayy way. Argentina Empybeercan ediciones, Poemas I.

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I finished, paid up, left a tip, left the sex paper on the seat. Se crearan clubs sociales y sociedades. I pulled the wet rubber glove out. I can t even find a roach to commune with. I bite deeply chew and swallow there is a feeling of waterfalls and endlessness there is a mixture of electricity and hope. I asked for a sideorder of french fries.


I felt better when everything was in disorder. I m sorry, I said, I m really sorry. I have 20 published books and 6 cans of beer. The sun has gone behind the cloud. I always hang up, justified. I like being driven about in a red porsche while I smoke cigarettes in gentle languor.

Me desmayo en los supermercados escupo sangre cuando bebo whiskey y me entristezco hasta dolerme cuando pienso en todas las buenas mujeres que he conocido disueltas y desvanecidas en trivialidades: I hope he doesn t drink too much beer. I rip the page once, twice, three times, then check for matches and icecubes, hot and cold, with some men their conversation is better than parraiso creation and with other men it s a woman almost any woman that is their Rodin among park benches; bird down in road awaiting rats and wheels I know that I have deserted you, the icecubes pile like fool s gold in the pitcher and now they are playing Alex Scriabin which is a little better but not much for me.

I imagine the best things about them.