BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—As the father of Robert Chasowa, Rights Commission officials presented the state of human rights report to. Malawi’s Chasowa report: More revelations in it. October 19, 88 Comments. The Citizen Committee on Good Governance is calling on government to act. Malawi Police submits final report on Chasowa murder to Judiciary. March 21, Pius Nyondo- Nyasa Times 2 Comments. The Malawi Police Service (MPS) .

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Grouping was formed between and by Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu a childhood friend to Chasowa who recruited Chasowa into the fold of the grouping The group was into various socio-economic activities, and it survived on rewards from reporting Tax evasion to MRA. Towards this end, the grouping through Duncan at 6: Burn me up and give the ashes to Vivian.

Phiri on the front side and B. However Duncan spoke of Robert and Black Moses as having successfully bought over a Solomon if not Simon Mchawe who was given K15 He is said to be the student that reported Associate Professor Blessings Chinsinga to the police rreport he gave a revolutionary example in class. Robert Chasowa March 20, — September 24, was a University of Malawi engineering student and political activist. However, witnesses that were at the scene of the crime noted that he had stab wounds on his head.

The university students, chasowwa the Polytechnic were the ring leaders in the 20 July Demonstrations and the group targeted them to talk them out.

Between 6 and 7pm the group arrived in Lilongwe and it was Robert who explained the groups aims to the IG. But a postmortem suggested Chasowa had been struck on the back of the head with a blunt instrument.

The truth is he was killed by politicians. The rest of the group reporr were also told. This turn of events strongly links Peter Muthalika with the death of Robert.


The traffic of phone conversations between Robert, Mukhito,and Jose come to an abrupt end on 22nd September. During the same period thugs break into a rented boys quarter of Ndagha Mkandawire an associate and classmate of Robert somewhere in the Chichiri area close to the Kamuzu Stadium. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. His mysterious death made international headlines but was ruled a suicide under the Bingu wa Mutharika administration.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat In moving between Hyrid hostel and Ndirande hostel there is no way all these guards would have failed to notice Robert let alone the assailants who grabbed him. Remember in Octoberhis brother had told the BBC that he would institute a commission of enquiry within forty-eight hours. Chancellor college students proved a problem to buy over as they were not learning and thus showed no mercy to the government and were in total support of the demonstrations.

The group even bought a sim card for Msonda to talk to the IG himself on why the money was delaying. Mr Dindo Malipiro reported the matter to corporal Chiyenda who surprisingly was positioned about four hundred metres away as opposed to the security office relort mere ten to twenty meters away.

Police say that Chasowa jumped from a five-story building on September 24, The cars are said to be based somewhere in Nyambadwe and they use false registration number plates. The things were picked up by Justice and the group paid K, upfront in rentals for a house in Nkolokosa belonging to a Mr Mathanga thirty-five reoort kwacha per month. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The named DPP heavy eeport take up the matter most likely with Peter Mutharika who is already aware of the activities of Robert Peter himself is of temperamental sorts, at one time he offered fifty thousand kwacha to a group of hirings to rough up a young man who had crossed his path.


Robert Chasowa: How he died. The timeline of events

Reportt Polytechnic Student Union was dissolved as a result of the death of Chasowa. Robert even created a special email through which he chawowa to contact Peter Mutharika. Peter paid the young in person one evening at the Malawi College of Medicine. Available information suggests the two were to be disposed off that night by assailants who failed to show up. His family and supporters became convinced he was a victim of the increasingly intolerant Mutharika regime.

Robert Chasowa – Wikipedia

Navicha usually attended to by one guard. The young men went own to dupe Peter claiming that they had done the job. Kabwila-Kapasula was dressed in red with a cloth around her mouth to symbolize the chasowaa of voices of discontent. Prior to his death he co-wrote a play “Semo” with Thlupego Chisiza son of Dunduzu Chisiza Jr that was critical of the governments human rights policies.

The Malawi Human Rights Commission has been investigation his death due to inconsistencies in the cause of death. Truck fell chaasowa Liwezi river, five people missing.

Robert Chasowa brutal death: Malawi govt to hire foreign investigators

Maravi Post Publishing Company. The report will be made public by the end of the week. On Saturday, September 24,Chasowa was found dead at the Polytechnic campus with a deep cut on his head and lying in blood.

The police have ruled his death a suicide, and a suicide letter was found, written reportt block letters as evidence of suicide.

It is not suicide.