Tracing the origins of chod (gcod) in the Bon tradition, a dialogic approach The Chod practice according to Buddhist tradition is said to be. Praise. “Alejandro Chaoul provides a scholarly, well-informed, and illuminating introduction to chöd in the Bön tradition, telling us much along the way of other. The dramatic practice of chöd, in which the yogin visualizes giving his or her own sacrificed body to the gods and demons as a way to cut the.

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Once in a while practitioners organize a big party and celebrate a feast, called chod-ganachakra in Sanskrit.

The practitioner further visualizes transforming the body into an offering that satisfies all beings, thus cultivating generosity and detachment. When buddhas appeared in the world and turned the Wheel of Dharma in the past, many of those who were present on those fortunate occasions attained perfect awakening. Freedom from suffering depends upon knowing the cause, therefore hold the treasure teachings in your heart.

Some of them may wonder why they are being addressed by us and become suspicious or disturbed, scratching their heads, puzzled and wondering whether our intentions are good or not. Thirdly, the practice of chod offers a possibility to increase love and compassion, so demons are very important. Am I a fool! One imagines being Arya Chenresig, white in colour and with four arms. Abiding in dharmadhatu means one has attained the state of a buddha, a state in which all delusions and emotions have been eradicated and all-knowing has been attained.

Kripal and Elizabeth G. Once vanquished, the spirits were bound by oath to act as Dharma protectors.

Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition – Alejandro Chaoul – Google Books

For example, a novice and lay practitioner can be compared to a fragile porcelain cup that requires careful attention so that it does not break. Machig Labdron was also present on that occasion. The seven branches in chod are: When you have debated, the loser should, without pride, offer his garland of flowers to the victor. Many thoughts of hatred, practics, pride, jealousy, etc.


Certainly, there are charlatans everywhere, even in Indiabut that is not the point.

Joy happens naturally and is not bad, but it becomes a fault if one clings to it. Of course, it is natural to mainly wish fhod persons one likes most the best. May our minds be pure and sincere. The Three Roots rtsa-ba-gsum are the Lama, yidams and dakinis. There is a story that on his way to Indiahe came across the corpse of an Indian man who had trasition of a terrible disease.

When did his amazing buddha activity start? But what about someone who is stopped from reaching the spot where the Dharma is being taught? Let us use the opportunity and practice together now. The ability to actually keep the vows becomes more stable and firm through practice, therefore faltering while aspiring should not be considered bad. Heavy and wild thoughts distract more obviously than subtle thoughts, but drowsiness and dullness also lead astray.

Attachment and clinging to a self are forces that give rise to the defilements, which are the source of anguish and pain. Chariots were a means of transportation during the times of Buddha Shakyamuni, therefore it was used to exemplify that a self does not exist as assumed.

Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition

One prays that practitioners prachice all doubts and hesitations related to their body and speech and, instead, acknowledge and appreciate that they have attained the eight freedoms and ten endowments. Reflections of these come as visible demons that harm oneself and others. While practicing, one can feel very happy that things are going so well.


These delusions need to be purified.

In essence the Bon tradition also encompasses the early Bon which is seen as the basic folk tradition of the region which includes shamanism in forms much like extant traditions in Siberia.

According to chpd forward by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: I want to ask you for practical recommendations against panic, which strikes suddenly. How is this supreme goal accomplished? OM belongs to all mantras and consists of three parts, A, O, and MA – awakened body, awakened speech and awakened mind.

Many people believe that the body is the self or that the self resides in the body and live their lives based upon such mistaken assumptions. Hence they were also known as kusulu or kusulupathat is, studying texts rarely whilst focusing on meditation and praxis: Everest in Tibetwere recently translated by the Padmakara Translation Group published by Shambhala, and is now available to readers worldwide.

Having accumulated merit and purified negativities, may I and all living beings without exception. One needs to realize that the dharmakaya, our own mind, is unborn, empty practkce inherent existence, never arises or ceases.

The Mother Tantras are said to emphasize the so-called Completion Stage practices — where visualizations are merged with emptiness by being dissolved.

Lord Buddha was asked for his opinion about this. Shamanism in the Bon tradition is said to be of the external vehicle, or the causal vehicle which is less refined than the tantric vehicle which chod falls under.