Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha .. be said that either Kayanupassana or Vedananupassana is excluded. Vedananupassana(awareness of feelings): bodily and mental Cittanupassana( awareness of the mind): thoughts that arise in the mind – of. download. com. http:// ://

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Therefore the Buddha said the root cause of falling into Apayagati must be exterminated and uprooted. What benefit does the Yogi derive who attains the knowledge of arising and perishing of the khandha? It should also be noted that Citta and Vedana are Sahajata dhammas coexisting phenomena ; moreover Vedana and Sanna are classified as cittasankhara.

Hence emphasis on Cittanupassana. Hence all sorts of wrong doings and misdeeds vednaanupassana the outcome of Miccha Ditthi. Yogis should not in any way be disappointed or frustrated by these distractions but these are to be regarded as objects of meditation only. Therefore Vedana is not to be purposely searched for.

When pleasant feeling, unpleasant feeling or neutral feeling arises, a meditator must be mindful vedannaupassana it as it is. A thought or consciousness arises as the result of the impact of Arammana object and Dvara sense door.

In other words, it is the knowledge of what the khandhas really are.

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It is the mind in which the wrong view of Egoism or I-ness or personality element dwells most, and it is the breeding place of Sakkaya Ditthi. It should be borne in mind that the practice of contemplation on arising and perishing, i. The ordinary worldling is always apt to mix Sakkaya and Ditthi. When the Yogi attains the knowledge of arising and perishing of the Khandhas, it is called Yathabhuta Nana; when the Yogi is disgusted with the nature of the ceaselessly arising and perishing of the Khandhas his knowledge is called Nibbida Nana.

In the case of pure Vipassana, it must be definitely mentioned that such unpleasant events will never occur as it is impossible for a Vipassana Yogi because the practice itself is Maha Kusala Nana Sampayutta Citta under the guidance of Samma Ditthi and Samma-Sankappa.

Vipassana therefore means the direct realisation of the three characteristics of mentality and physicality.


The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness [Chapter 4]

There is not cittanupassaha single moment that is free from vedana, so the Yogi must try anv cognise, comprehend the arising and perishing of the Khandhas of which Vedana is one. This attachment arises depending on the pleasant feeling or pleasant sensation about his good experience.

This stage if far better and higher than the position of the monarch of the Universe, or the Cakka Raja of Devaloka, because according to the saying of the Buddha, ‘ Ctuha Piyehica Vippamutto ‘, Sotapanna is free from danger of falling into the four stages of Apaya miserable existence and again in the same sutta, it is vedananupassaha, ‘ Caccibi thanini Ababba Katum.

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Vipassana or the right understanding requires the right awareness Satipattana. It is unnatural and impossible for the consciousness to rise in twos or threes. At this stage, he is experiencing excellent meditation experiences. In the Samatha, Samma-Samadhi is the leader, therefore Samatha cannot claim to be the practice of all embracing Panna, i.

When this penetrative insight is gained Vijja appears and Avijja disappears. It cannot be said that when Namakkhandha is contemplated Rupakkhandha is excluded. Anicca, amounts to putting a stop to the round of rebirth Samsara. The late Maha Thera Mogok Sayadaw formulated a very simple and unelaborate method of contemplation on Cittanupassana which is easily applicable and suitable for the people of present day who are inclined to have more practical application. If the observation and contemplation is done promptly and properly the links in the chain of Paticcasamuppada will be broken asunder in the beginning, in the middle and in the end.

At this stage, it will be clear to the Yogi that Upadana arises because of Tanha. The Buddha said that when Sukha Vedana is followed by Tanha, the realisation of Nibbana can never be attained; similarly, when Dukkha Vedana is followed by Dosa and Domanasa, the realisation of Nibbana can never be attained.

When the noting mind becomes constant, sustained and powerful, it penetrates into the nature of his experience, i.

It is for the Yogi to disallow any Kilesa defilement to come in during his practice of Vipassana and strive to concentrate with knowledge and comprehension on the arising and perishing of ctitanupassana citta which the Dhamma is always showing and revealing.


It is important to note that it is the element of vedananupaxsana or Egoism or Sakkaya Ditthi which clouds the mind. He can clearly see that no consciousness can remain for two successive moments the same.

It is a widely known fact that in order to attain the first stage, Sotapatti Magga, we have to exterminate Ditthi and Vicikiccha. This is very important for the Yogis to remember because most of the Yogis indulge themselves in Anapana, with the wrong notion that it is ‘I’ who vedananupassanx breathing in and breathing out.

The Doctrine of Patriccasammupada /

Then again he went out and put the same question to the third who told him that the tree was just like the swords in sheaths because he only saw the tree when it when the tree was in bloom. It arises in the eye base, ear base, nose base, tongue base, body base, and mind base. It can also be said that many of the population wrongly believe in the existence of the soul. Nobody can fix Vedana in any particular cittaunpassana. If there be no ‘paccaya’ or cause, there is no effect, hence there can be no Tanha or Upadana.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Where there is a Khandha there is bound to be arising and perishing and where there is arising and perishing there is bound to be Dukkha.

Chapter 4 – The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness

No, nothing of the sort, because it is just like syrup in which fresh juice of lime, sugar, salt and water are all contained as ingredients and in the same manner when one Anupassana is practised the remaining three are also included though not so predominant and pronounced as the first one.

Vedana is like the sky.

The arising and perishing is Anicca; the comprehension or insight of it is Magga. If not, what is the difference between both? This was done in order to dispel Ditthi by Nata Parinna.

Because he has realised that the pleasant feeling or sensation together with the good experience is impermanent, he will not be attached to it.