Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles. El autor de EL MERCENARIO explica todos los secretos del oficio. Vicente Segrelles Art Handbook. Author of the graphic novels: . Tebeos y Comics – Art Comic: Como pinta segrelles y la fantasia de segrelles – vicente segrelles. Compra, venta y subastas de Art Comic en todocoleccion. Vicente Segrelles has 68 books on Goodreads with ratings. Vicente Segrelles’s most popular book is The Color of Magic (Discworld, #1; Rincewind, # 1). Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles by. Vicente Segrelles. it was amazing avg.

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Matthias Stevens rated it really liked it Oct 22, Yes, the men are men here, fat, fit, bald, young, and old, but all the women are buxom and mostly nude.

And Segreoles enjoyed the biographical and making-of information in the back of this book. And when they are not nude, they are as near to nude as you can get, and none of them need bras. He vuelto a mi infancia por unas horas In a lost and long forg. The story is good, once you get past all the women running around with barely anything on, while they are being rescued, or fighting, or just running. I have no objection to the nekid ladies.

Popular Vicente Segrelles Books

Story world is a bit similar to Conan in feel. Oh, there’s a story here that I seem to have forgotten. Or the clothes only fit men. The Mercenary, written and drawn by Vicente Segrelles, is indisputably the best comic series I’d read so far. Mar 19, awesomatik. Aleksander rated it liked it Jun 05, And given that, and having a setting in some remote part of the Himalayas, why are all the characters clearly Euorpean in appearance?


The hero is a Conan type, and just goes from fight to fight, but is skilled at what he does. In vicetne lost and long forgotten valley high up in the mountains, The Mercenary has been contracted to save a woman from the pnita and powerful Cult of the Sacred Fire. Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read. After he saves vicnte, she tries to convince the mercenary not to take her back to her husband, but he does anyway.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Compared to that, it hardly seems worth noting that the “dragons” are clearly derived from pterosaurs, which were not, in fact, dinosaurs; but they also didn’t have the heads of tuataras, so whatever. Mizukara rated it really liked it Apr 16, sebrelles Kindle Edition64 pages. These fainting passive perfectly sculpted girls seem sort of sad to me.

This 40th anniversary edition features better reproductions than ever and all-new scans of the original paintings overseen by com master himself, presented in handsome, large, quarterbound collectors editions. La historia nunca fue lo importante.

The Mercenary: 1. The Cult of the Sacred Fire

Rozada rated it really liked it Dec 21, And sometimes in chains. Still, there is something to be said for oil-painting yes, you can imitate its effects with digital painting, but it is so rarely done.

And this comic series of his is a classic because not only that it was first published onbut because of its outstanding content that makes it what it is. This book is specially designed in Amazon’s fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification.

Kenzie rated it liked it Apr 19, It harks back to the naive fantasy of the s and s, where the hero cannot do anything but stumble upon, and break the hearts of, lovely segrellse women all the time.


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Okay, occasionally you see a guy without a shir The Mercenary has been contracted to save a woman from the mysterious and powerful Cult of the Sacred Fire. Anyway, it is not a book that I would necessarily seek out as with so many other things I’ve segtelles, I stumbled across it working at a ocmoand I certainly wouldn’t pay its retail price for it, but if my library system gets more volumes in the series, I will probably read them to see what happens, and to enjoy the marvelous scenery.

The Mercenary has been contracted to save a woman from the mysterious and powerful Cult of the Sacred Fire.

El Mercenario 1 – 10 of 13 books. Here are valleys of dragon-riders in cities above segrellds clouds, and her As suspected, this is wonderful to look at, and less so to read. Segrelles not only is a master of medieval-fantasy artwork but created a realistic setting in where he sets his graphic novels.

Translated from Spanish as this was first published in Spain right after they became a democracy.

The Mercenary: 1. The Cult of the Sacred Fire by Vicente Segrelles

But it is Vargas-like Playboy vicenre I think I heard of him nudity, air-brushed, classically nude. Also, I could do without the 70’s hair, and the apparent perms most of the women appear to have. See my full review on s Lovely art, including naked ladies. If only the artist didn’t feel the need to put so much unnecessary nudity in it.