Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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HTML special characters are imported as follows: Projects The first project convret an XER file is used to set up the Asta Powerproject project summary, including the fiscal year start, the report date and the imposed start and finish dates.

Therefore if Mike Smith is both a Joiner and a Plumber – and therefore appears in both folders in the Asta Powerproject resource hierarchy – he will only appear in the Joiner folder in the exported project. However, if Days is the display unit in Primavera software and the number of cohvert in a day does not match the duration of the Days time unit in Asta Powerproject, durations in Primavera software can appear to be incorrect.

Primavera software type Asta Powerproject type Resources Resources permanent and consumable WBS Expanded tasks Activities Tasks and milestones Activity resources Allocations permanent and consumable Note that user-defined field definitions are created for all Asta Powerproject object types that correspond to a Primavera software object type.

Converting ASTA power Project File to P3

Pls share the information to me as well. You can specify as part of the import process whether any amount of lag on links concert attached to the start or to the end of links.

Fixed costs Costs in Primavera software have an additional field that does not exist in Asta Powerproject, representing the expenses category.

But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. Primavera software does not support the use of subheadings – bars with a name but with no tasks – so these are discarded during the export process.

Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Primavera software

You are warned that the cost values for these resources will be incorrect. If a task has both a deadline and a constraint flag, the deadline is removed during import. Primavera software only supports one task per bar, so where a bar has more than powerprojectt task in Asta Powerproject it is divided into separate bars during the export, with a single task appearing on each; the tasks on conbert bars will be linked.


File-naming conventions Primavera P3 does not support the use of long file or path names, or those containing spaces, so ensure that the file and folder names you use when exporting to P3B format are a maximum of eight characters in length and do not contain spaces. The first activity type in the XER file is used to set up the default code library in Asta Powerproject. Select the Export cost allocations check box to include cost allocations in the export, or clear the check box to exclude them.

Tasks Primavera software does not support Deadline constraints.

If you export a project that includes one or more resources curves, the export process amends the curves where necessary so that they have 20 points, and the point values are redistributed to retain the shape and distribution of the resource curve.

Asta Powerproject can export to and import from two different Microsoft Project-compatible file formats:. These may not match the appearances of the codes prior to powerprojedt original export to Microsoft Project.

During the export, Asta Powerproject project groups are not exported unless they contain some content which is not itself a project. Custom fields and user-defined fields If you import an MPP or XML file into a chart or summary group rather than importing it as a project in its own right, custom fields from within the project are mapped by name to any user-defined fields in the Asta Powerproject project where possible.

Subcontractor” will be created against the task during export. The introductory page of the Microsoft Project Export Wizard appears.

Versions of Microsoft Project from and later deal with costs in a different way to previous versions.

Code libraries Code library assignments against each task and resource can be exported into a custom field of the “text” type, with the name “CodeLibrary: Task user-defined fields in Asta Powerproject map to activity custom data in Primavera P3, while permanent and consumable scheduled allocation user-defined fields poqerproject to resource custom data.

The Export Scope page of the wizard appears. Create new account Request new password.

Knowledge Base

Costs with a duration are marked as being uniformly accrued. Resource and cost allocation information from the Budgeted cost field in Asta Powerproject is exported into the Budgeted cost powerprokect in Primavera software. Primavera software applies exported calendars to all projects in its database unless you specify that the calendars in the project that you are exporting are specific to that project during the export process.


What have you tried to resolve – did you look for a solution using “Search”?

Microsoft Project does not support bars as such, and therefore it does not support Asta Powerproject’s subheadings – bars with a name but with no tasks. Microsoft Project does not support bars as such; however, it does support null tasks.

Activities in Primavera SureTrak are organised as an indented hierarchy with an outline level. Cost centres Primavera software supports cost centres called ‘cost accounts’ in a similar way to Asta Powerproject. Primavera software uses links to indicate membership of hammocks. The results of rescheduling in Asta Powerproject will be the same as in Primavera SureTrak, provided that you configure Primavera SureTrak to treat ‘open ends’ as non-critical.

To ensure that Asta Powerproject and Primavera software display the same values in this field – and in the Original duration powerrpoject complete field – for parent tasks, clear the Rolled up values parameter against these fields on the Table Definition Properties dialog. Currency units The default currency unit that is defined in the XER file is used to set up the common currency in Asta Powerproject. If a powerprojcet in Asta Powerproject has more than one skill, their first skill is taken to be their parent folder in the resulting resource hierarchy in the exported project.

Resource curves Unlike resource curves in Asta Powerproject, all resource curves in Primavera software have 20 points.

How to import an ‘ASTA Power Project’ schedule – Sablono Support

Primavera software does not support boolean user-defined fields, so these are exported as string-type user-defined fields containing either ‘Y’ or ‘N’. Select the Export income as negative costs check box to convert any positive income into negative costs and any negative income into positive costs in the resulting file, or clear the check box to remove any income from the resulting file altogether.

Any work breakdown structure items that correspond to projects are imported as expanded tasks that are flagged as being projects in Asta Powerproject.