con el diagnóstico histopatológico de cordoma de la base del cráneo .. magnética cerebral, corte sagital, secuencia T1, cordoma del clivus. Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un chordoma; clivus; endoscopic resection; malignant tumor. RESUMEN. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 19, , Ines Gamboa and others published Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un.

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It can be seen that many are from the pre-MRI era, and many do not provide histological or immuno-cytochemical evidence, raising the possibility that some may not be entirely extraosseous and some may be not actually be chordoma.

Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

Preoperative MR images presenting the intradural retroclival tumor with growing into right cavernous sinus and Meckel’s cave. Note the interdigitation and desmosomal junctions. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Although this tumor lends itself to complete removal, long-term follow-up monitoring is needed to determine the possibility of recurrence. Those located in the spheno-occipital region most commonly occur in patients years of age, whereas sacrococcygeal chordomas are typically seen in a slightly older age group peak around 50 years CT cordmoa is needed to assess the degree of bone involvement and to detect patterns coroma calcification within the lesion.

C hordomastumors presumably derived from notochordal rests, are rare. A small number of families have been reported in which multiple relatives have been affected by chordoma. Left cliuvs magnetic resonance image TR msec, TE 15 msec showing expansion of the L-3 neural foramen by a low-intensity lesion arrowwhich erodes the L-3 pedicle and vertebral body.

Chordomas, chondromas, and chondrosarcomas. In a recent article, Kurokawa, et al. The purported cervical ecchordosis of Kurokawa, et al. Histological subtype also has a substantial impact on prognosis with chondroid chordoma having the best prognosis and dedifferentiated chordoma clifus worst prognosis; the more common conventional chordoma having intermediate prognosis 14, Support Center Support Center.

While most people with chordoma have no other family members with the disease, rare occurrences of multiple cases within families have been documented. Sitting, especially driving, aggravated the pain, whereas standing and lumbar hyperextension provided some relief.


Yeon Soo ChooM. Scalloping of the pedicle and body of the lumbar vertebrae is attributed to compression and remodeling rather than to destruction of bone. The tumor was clearly distinguished from the brain cortex and was easily removed by means of tumor forceps and suction tools. Extraosseous processes that histologically resemble a chordoma include ecchordosis physaliphora 14, 17, 22, 25 and intradural chordoma.

Cerebrospinal fluid fistula secondary to ecchordosis physaliphora. Chordomas can arise from bone in the skull base and anywhere along the spine. Classic chordomas in clivua frequently have ill-defined margins, and complete resection is usually not feasible even with extensive surgery because a few tumor cells are often left behind in the bone or dura.

There are no drugs currently approved to treat chordoma, however a clinical trial conducted in Italy using the PDGFR inhibitor Imatinib demonstrated a modest response in some chordoma patients. Conclusions Based on our morphological and immunohistochemical studies, we propose that the tumor presented in this report, a bona fide intraspinal extraosseous extradural chordoma, had its origin in an ectopic notochordal remnant.

Definitive radiation therapy for chordoma and chondrosarcoma of base of skull and cervical spine. Benign bone erosion with sclerotic borders can be seen arrowindicating a long-standing eel, rather than destructive, process.

Intradural extraosseous chordoma has clearly different features from those of typical chordoma We chose the retromastoid suboccipital approach.

Extraosseous spinal chordoma in: Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 75 Issue 6 Year

Their locations included the prepontine region in ten cases, the suprasellar region in two cases and the intrasellar, foramen magnum, tentorium and ponto-cerebellar region in one case, respectively Table 1 Summary of cases of intracranial intradural chordomas. Case Report This previously healthy year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of lumbar, right sacroiliac joint, and right thigh pain.

Like intraosseous notochordal rests, they are developmental lesions but, in contrast, ecchordoses often exhibit a minor intraosseous and a dominant intradural component, the connection being a delicate pedicle traversing a dural defect.

These entities show different biological behavior, with gradient evolution of growth and malignancy from the usually asymptomatic ecchordosis, to the slowly evolving intradural chordoma, to the highly malignant and invasive cprdoma Report of two cases.


Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

Axial contrast enhanced brain CT image. The extradural tumor lay within the loose areolar tissue edl Batson’s plexus, demonstrated no osseous involvement, and was completely removed. Follow-up MR images at 1 month after operation demonstrates a remnant tumor. This corxoma woman was healthy until she suffered an episode of dizziness, ataxia, mild right hearing difficulty and right facial numbness.

Intradural chordoma without bone involvement: Furthermore, unlike other chordomas, intradural chordomas are amenable to resection. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia by one of the authors B.

Extraosseous spinal chordoma

A developmental lesion related to chordoma is the ecchordosis physaliphora. Benign and malignant chordomas: After near total resection of tumor Fig. The evidence for this is the location of the tumors along the neuraxisthe similar immunohistochemical staining patterns, and the demonstration that notochordal cells are preferentially left behind in the clivus and sacrococcygeal regions when the remainder of the notochord regresses during fetal life.

The tumor appeared as a low-intensity area on the T1-weighted image and as a high-intensity area on the T2-weighted image. Abstract A year-old woman presented with dizziness, ataxia and right hearing difficulty. Microneurosurgery of CNS Tumor; pp. There are three histological variants of chordoma: They often extend across the intervertebral disk space, involving more than one vertebral segment.

Like their counterparts at other sites, such tumors are considered to arise from notochordal rests. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: To be analogous to the intracranial ecchordosis, the designation should clivuz expanded to include extraosseous lesions.

Adjuvant radiosurgery after surgical excision seems to be effective for the treatment of intradural extraosseous chordomas.

The MR images showed a low-intensity mass. The radiological characteristics of the lesion were misleading as it mimicked an arachnoid cyst or a neurogenic neoplasm.